Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 20,000

Are you planning to go for a kitchen chimney under INR 20,000? You are making one of the best investments for your kitchen. You will find a number of brands in the market under this price range and you will get some interesting high-end features at this price range. Let us explore more on kitchen chimneys under INR 20,000.

Let us find out the types of kitchen chimneys you are likely to get for kitchen chimneys under this price range. 

Before you purchase a kitchen chimney, ensure to check out the buying guide because that will help you make an informed decision.

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What To Expect From Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 20,000?

Kitchen chimneys under INR 20,000 will fetch you real good features. You will have access to some premium brands in this price range.

Moreover, the lifespan of the device you own will also be very good with very minimal maintenance challenges. If you are going to put out 20K for your kitchen chimney, then you better invest enough time reviewing all the top brands so that you get as many features as possible squeezed in within this price range. 

Airflow displacement Up to 1250 cubic meter per hour
Suitable to be used with Three to four-burner stoves
Mount TypeWall-mounted
360 Degree Tornadic SuctionAvailable in select brands and models
3D FiltersAvailable in select brands and models
Suitability for heavy frying and grillingYes
Filter TypeBaffle filter
Noise levelLow
Number of lights2
Light typeLED 
Oil collectorAvailable in select bands
Speed levels3 depending on the brand and model
Effective space coverageSuitable for kitchen space larger than 200 sq. ft.
Control typeTouch control / Push-button control / Dial Knob
Motor power200 watts
WarrantyUp to 15 years depending on the brand chosen

Comparison Between Microwave Ovens Under Rs. 15,000 and Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 20,000

If you are ready to shell out anywhere between INR 15,000 and INR 20,000, you are likely to get some cool features in your chimney. Let us compare chimneys under INR 12,000 and INR 15,000. These features could vary based on the brand and model. Make sure that you pay attention to details when you are picking your kitchen chimneys.

FeaturesKitchen Chimneys Under INR 15,000Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 20,000
Airflow displacement1200 Cubic meter per hour1250 Cubic meter per hour
Effective space coverageSuitable for kitchen larger than 200 sq. ft.Suitable for kitchen larger than 200 sq. ft.
Filter typeFilterless chimneyFilterless chimney
Gesture controlAvailableAvailable
Filter cleaning Auto cleans and no manual cleaning requiredAuto cleans and no manual cleaning required
Motor power200 watts200 watts
Autostart featureAvailableAvailable in select brands
Suitable to be used with3 to 4 burner stoves3 to 4 burner stoves
Control typeTouch control panel and Gesture controlTouch control and Dial knob
Speed levelsThree to four levelsThree to four levels


When you go for kitchen chimneys under INR 20,000, you are likely to get a longer warranty for the product. Moreover, when you have to cover a larger kitchen over 200 sq. ft. you need higher capacity kitchen chimneys which come only under this price range.