Elica Kitchen Chimneys 

Elica PB India Private Limited is based in Pune, Maharashtra. This company was established in India in 2010. The brand is fairly new when compared to other brands with over thirty to fifty years of industry experience.

Despite being a new brand, Elica Chimneys have made significant progress in terms of acquiring new market share. The company has a very good infrastructure with the latest equipment imported from Italy to support its operations. 

Elica offers many types of kitchen chimneys that you can look through to make the right investment. 

Before you purchase a kitchen chimney, ensure to check out the buying guide because that will help you make an informed decision.

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How Does Elica Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

Elica presents itself as a premium brand. Given the fact that the brand has ventured into the Indian home appliances market only in 2010, it has done fairly well. Through its aggressive marketing and brand promotion efforts, Elica has managed to gain significant visibility in the Indian market.

However, a brand cannot sustain its position in this highly competitive segment only through marketing and promotions. The brand has its own positive points which enable it to stand out in the industry. Here are the plus points of Elica kitchen chimneys. 

  • Impressive designs to match the tastes and preferences of contemporary buyers.
  • You will be able to find kitchen chimneys under INR 5000.
  • The brand introduced – EDS technology or Elica Deep Silence Technology
  • Available variants in wall-mounted, island models, EDS and Filterless models.
  • Several premium range models are available.
  • Exceptional quality that complements the design.
  • Filter less models require very little to no maintenance. 
  • Fast-growing service network across the country.
  • Many new models are launched regularly to keep the customers interested.

Elica USP

Elica has built its brand around a certain “premium-ness”. This certainly reflects in the product quality design as well as on the prices. Even though there are a number of entry-level models, the brand has its EDS range or Elica Deep Silence range that goes up to INR 135,000. No other brand has such a high price range. 

However, the price is well-justified by the quality and the overall experience the product offers. If it were not to be on the brand’s own trust in its quality, it would not have been possible for the brand to push its premium range of products.

There are customers who specifically look for this brand for its quality and for its stylish designs. 


Elica kitchen chimneys offer a wide range of options to its customers. It does not matter whether you are looking for an entry-level kitchen chimney, mid-range kitchen chimney or top-notch, expensive kitchen chimney, the brand can satisfactorily meet the needs of all types of customers.

If you want to invest in a chimney that lasts a lifetime then Elica would be the brand to go forward with.

The brand offers very reliable products with zero maintenance hassles. You will certainly not be disappointed with Elica, a brand that is built its reputation around quality. Regardless of whether you are setting up a brand new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen, Elica will certainly add value to your new / renovated kitchen.  

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