Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys

Inalsa is a Spanish brand from the Taurus Group. This brand has been around more for than half a century. Inalsa was founded in 1967 and in India this brand has been there for over 30 years. Inalsa is an ISO certified company and it is an emerging brand.

This brand plays a little low profile in terms of its marketing approach and its reach is limited. Only those who know about this brand and its origins go for Inalsa. 

Inalsa offer many types of kitchen chimneys to choose from. Before you invest none, make sure to check out the buying guide that will help you make the right purchase.

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How Does Inalsa Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

Inalsa kitchen chimneys enjoy a very steady paced growth in India. This brand is yet to be introduced to its target market even more aggressively. Just because Inalsa enjoys low visibility, it does not mean that its quality is questionable. This brand offers features that are at par with all the other leading brands in the industry. Here are some of the key points about Inalsa chimneys.

  • Clean and modern designs regardless of the variant. 
  • Reliable quality
  • Good performance despite challenging conditions in the Indian kitchens
  • High suction capacity even for entry-level models
  • Entry-level models available for under INR 5000
  • Premium range options are available for customers looking for them
  • Auto clean options available in select models
  • Fewer maintenance and repair issues
  • Seven-year warranty on the motor
  • Two years warranty on the product other than the motor
  • Good local service network

Inalsa USP

Inalsa strives to meet the needs of the Indian customers with its commitment to quality. The brand with its five decades of experience under its belt has understood the needs of its global customers. The brand delivers on quality and design. All the models enjoy a very clean design. The first look itself impresses the customers.

Even people who have not heard of Inalsa when they come across this brand will be impressed with the stylish designs. This is the brand’s USP and through this, they elicit curiosity among the customers. This helps the brand to get the attention of the target market.

Of course, the brand delivers excellent quality. Stylish designs could take a brand only so much but if the brand wants to retain the customer’s interest then it is possible only through quality. Inalsa being one of the pioneering brands in the kitchen chimneys segment delivers very reliable quality products. Customers will benefit from the brand’s R&D over the years. 


Inalsa is a reliable brand and this Spanish brand comes with a very long warranty backing for its motor. These chimneys are backed by a solid seven-year warranty on the motor and two-year warranty on the entire product. This should take care of the concerns of even the most cautious customer.

If you are one such cautious customer, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind when you select Inalsa kitchen chimneys. These chimneys are highly efficient and their performance is consistently dependable. You are sure to get excellent value for your money when you go for Inalsa kitchen chimneys. 

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