Glen Kitchen Chimneys 

Glen India is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, India. Glen focuses on a very selective range of kitchen appliances such as cooking range, cooktops, and chimneys. As of now, they are not into any large home appliances.

The brand was started in 1999 and it is a fairly new company with just two decades in the industry when compared to some of its competitors. Like the other Indian brands, Glen also faces a lot of competition amidst the other international brands in the industry.

Glen offers many types of kitchen chimneys that you can look through to make the right investment. 

Before you purchase a kitchen chimney, ensure to check out the buying guide because that will help you make an informed decision.

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How Does Glen Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

Glen has certainly carved a special niche for itself in the kitchen chimneys segment. This brand has its own set of followers and the company despite being a fairly new brand has managed to impress its customers through its stylish designs and contemporary looks. The following are some of the important factors that make Glen stand out in the kitchen chimneys industry.

  • The brand features all types of chimneys including island chimneys, split chimneys, designer chimneys, straight-line chimneys and auto clean and oil collector chimneys
  • Very stylish designs regardless of the product range chosen
  • Reasonable pricing, you can find entry-level chimneys for under INR 6000
  • Very high level of suction efficiency
  • The most suited chimney for Indian cooking
  • Built to last for life
  • Good post-sales support.

Glen USP

Glen as a kitchen chimney brand tries to set itself apart from the rest of the brands by offering the most stylish kitchen chimneys. The company has reinvented the chimney shapes and has proven that kitchen chimneys need not be limited to that booking looks. Along with the modern and trendy design, the brand also takes extra care on the quality part. 

The brand clearly targets the modern homeowners who consider kitchen chimneys as an integral part of their post-modern homes. In order to increase customer loyalty, Glen has a very good network of local service stations so that customers’ post-sales and maintenance concerns could be addressed fast.

The brand has understood fully what the Indian customers need. They expect good quality and they have very little tolerance against poor post-sales support. It is by addressing these two areas effectively, Glen has emerged as a successful brand in India. 


When you want to install a new kitchen chimney or if you want to get rid of the old clunky kitchen chimney and replace it with something stylish and sleek to give a facelift to your kitchen, then you should certainly consider Glen.

You will certainly be able to find a kitchen chimney that you love to own within your budget. 

Check the latest models before you make your final decision. When you go with the latest models, you will have access to the latest features as well so that you do not have to replace your chimney within a few years just for the sake of better features.

Bringing home a brand new Glen kitchen chimney will certainly give your modern kitchen the expected facelift.