How to Select the Right Kitchen Chimney Size?

Kitchen chimneys have become a necessary appliance in most households. It helps you eliminate smoke and harmful fumes, and absorbs oil particles that are produced while cooking. We require an excellent chimney to get rid of all this mess. The size of the chimney matters the most because it takes a lot of space in your kitchen.

The measurements of your kitchen and the chimney need to be considered before making a decision. Let’s discuss some ways/tips which will help you select the suitable chimney size for your kitchen.

Tips to Buy Kitchen Chimney of A Suitable Size

Mount type

The suitable size of the kitchen chimney will depend on the mount type. There are two types of chimneys available in the market.

  • Wall-mounted chimney – This is the chimney where one side will be fixed to the wall, above the stove that is adjacent to the wall. This is the most widely used chimney.
  • Ceiling-mounted chimney – They hang from the ceiling directly above the stove. A ceiling-mounted chimney is larger and is mainly suitable for a large-sized kitchen.

Air suction capacity

The primary task of a kitchen chimney is to absorb the oil particle, grease, and smoke from the air. It is measured in cubic meter per hour (m³/hr). The size of the chimney should be according to your kitchen size. An ideal chimney for your kitchen would be able to purify the air ten times an hour.

There is a simple formula, using which you would be able to calculate the adequate suction power based on your kitchen’s size. The formula is – Width x Length x Height x Number of times the air should be purifier every hour.

For instance, If the kitchen has dimensions of 4 m x 4 m x 2.5 m, then the volume is 40 m³. Multiply that by ten, and you get 400 m³/hr, which is the minimum required suction power for that kitchen.

Kitchen chimney size

Most kitchen chimneys that are available have a typical size of 60cm and 90cm. The chimney size will depend on the size of your stove and kitchen, respectively. Make sure the chimney you are planning to buy is larger than the size of your stove to absorb all the oil particles, smoke correctly. It should cover the entire furnace.

Let’s look at the table below to understand more.

Stove sizeChimney sizeExample
2 to 4 burners stove60 cm chimney sizeFaber 60 cm chimney
3 to 5 burners stove90 cm chimney sizeElica 90cm chimney

Usually, if you use two burners stove or four burners stove, then a 60m sized chimney should be enough for you. If you have a large kitchen with a three burners stove or a five burners stove, then you will need a 90 cm sized chimney to absorb all the smoke. Do not opt for a chimney, which is smaller than your stove size. It will lead to a messy kitchen.


Choosing the right sized chimney for your kitchen is essential. It will only perform its function effectively when it is purchased considering the size of the kitchen and stove, respectively.

Make sure to remember the critical points before buying a chimney, and you should be good to go. Also, go through our article to know these tips on how you should select the suitable kitchen chimney size.

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