Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 10,000

Today living in space-crammed society, kitchen chimneys have become one of the basic necessities as most of the houses are built under great space constrictions. This results in other disadvantages like poor lighting and poor ventilation. This is where installing kitchen chimneys have become a basic necessity, which once used to be a luxury.

All the modern constructions whether it is independent houses or apartments, all of them now mark chimney space for the house owners to install kitchen chimneys. You will be able to find kitchen chimneys under INR 10,000. Let us find out the types of kitchen chimneys you are likely to get for kitchen chimneys under this price range. 

Before you purchase a kitchen chimney, ensure to check out the buying guide because that will help you make an informed decision.

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What To Expect From Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 10,000?

As one could expect you will be able to find a wide range of options available to the customers under this price range. The features vary drastically from one brand to the other and from one model to the other within the same brand.

Let us focus on some of the most common features that you are likely to get for this price range. 

Airflow displacement Up to 1200 cubic feet per minute
Suitable to be used with Three to four-burner stoves
Mount TypeWall-mounted
Suitability for heavy frying and grillingYes
Number of lights2
Light typeLED / Halogen
Speed levels2 to 3 depending on the brand and model
Filter typeBaffle Filter
Effective space coverageSuitable for kitchen space up to 200 sq. ft.
Control typeTouch control / Push button control 
Motor power200 watts
WarrantyUp to 2 years

Comparison Between Microwave Ovens Under Rs. 7,000 and Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 10,000

Let us compare what you are likely to get for chimneys under INR 7000 and INR 10,000

FeaturesKitchen Chimneys Under INR 7000Kitchen Chimneys Under INR 10,000
Air flow displacement700 cubic feet per minute1200 cubic feet per minute
Effective space coverageSuitable for kitchen size less than 100 sq. ft.Suitable for kitchen size up to 200 sq. ft.
Filter typeCassette filter that uses fine mesh trapBaffle filter
Filter cleaning Manual and regular cleaning is requiredAuto cleans and manual cleaning is sufficient at the frequency of once in six months
Motor power65 watts to 100 wattsUp to 200 watts
Auto start featureNot availableAvailable
Suitable to be used with2 burner stoves3 to 4 burner stoves
Control typePush buttonTouch control panel
Speed levelsTwo levelsThree to four levels


All the modern kitchens today require kitchen chimneys. They will leave your house free from cooking odor and your walls from oily and greasy deposits. Remember it is just an onetime investment and it will fetch you lifelong benefits.

If you make the right choices, you will be able to make your kitchen chimneys last a lifetime unless otherwise you want to upgrade it to a new chimney with the latest features. You will however be able to get most of the required features for kitchen chimneys under INR 10,000.

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