Prestige Kitchen Chimneys

At the mention of the word Prestige the first thing that comes to most Indian’s minds is Pressure Cooker. Prestige is one of the most hailed Indian home appliance brands. It is hard to find a house in India that does not have one or the other prestige product. The brand has a long-standing history in the country. This brand offers some of the best range of kitchen chimneys available in the market. 

Before you invest none, make sure to check out the buying guide that will help you make the right purchase.

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How Does Prestige Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

It is needless to say that Prestige knows its Indian customers. Being a native brand Prestige certainly has a special advantage in terms of reach and market penetration. The brand was already popular in the country even before it introduced its kitchen chimneys. Prestige kitchen chimneys are well received by the Indian customers. Several factors stand out about the kitchen chimneys from this brand. 

  • Very innovative designs that match the Indian mindset.
  • Kitchen chimneys are available in three major series – Innovative Series, Classic Series, and Designer Series, thereby meeting the needs of all types of customers.
  • Auto clean models make the chimney maintenance absolutely easy.    
  • Available in all price ranges from entry-level models to premium range of chimneys
  • Can effectively meet the challenges of tough Indian cooking
  • The Quality of the kitchen chimneys from this brand is unmatched. 
  • Suitable models are available for all types and sizes of kitchens.
  • Very good customer service through a well-established service network. 

Prestige USP

Those who have known Prestige would certainly not have missed the USPs of the brand. Innovation and Quality have always accompanied the brand’s strong presence in the country. These two factors have always made the brand stand out in the entire home appliances segment and not just to the kitchen chimneys industry. 

Prestige always supported its customers with exceptional customer service. It was not all that challenging for the brand which has managed to impress the Indian customers to steal a lion’s share of the kitchen chimney’s segment. Indian customers knew this brand and its strong service network.

This has enabled the brand to enjoy easy penetration into the kitchen chimney’s market even though the brand made a late entry into this segment. 


Undoubtedly, Prestige is one of the most dependable brands for kitchen chimneys. All the variants featured by this brand are highly reliable. You will be able to enjoy exceptional quality and excellent value for your money. Prestige is certainly no alien brand to the Indian customers.

The brand has certainly worked hard over the years to earn the reputation that it enjoys today. Moreover, the brand offers many excellent variants that will meet your specific requirements regardless of the size of your kitchen.

All these chimneys are easy to maintain and they do not run into any maintenance issues which make Prestige chimneys to be one of the most dependable chimneys in the industry. Take your time to review all the latest models featured by Prestige before narrowing down on your option.