Home Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Going through the bouts of allergy is a nerve-wracking experience.  

The episodes of incessant sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, skin rashes, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and asthma attacks can be extremely distressing and traumatic. 

It is no hidden fact that exposure to allergy triggers present in the environment is the primary cause of allergies in individuals. 

The good news is that it is possible to manage the allergies by getting rid of many allergy triggers through effective home cleaning tips. 

Home cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Vacuum your home twice every week regularly

The dust, dirt, and pollen circulating in our surrounding air serve as common allergy triggers. For allergy sufferers, regular use of a vacuum cleaner is a must to get rid of these allergens. 

Ensure to have a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, which effectively sanitizes your air and captures even the minutest dust and dirt particles.

You will see a drastic reduction in your allergy episodes with regular vacuuming once or twice every week.

Avoid moisture and dampness in your bathroom.

You must avoid moisture and dampness in your bathroom to prevent the growth and spread of molds that may trigger the allergy. 

After every shower, ensure to use a microfiber cloth for wiping down the bathroom floors and walls. Then leave the bathroom doors open for a few minutes to completely dry out the floors and walls.

Wash your shower curtains in the washing machine every week using a good quality detergent mixture. While drying the bathroom, pull back these curtains to allow airflow in the shower area. 

Clean the bathroom tiles by scrubbing them with a hard sponge and disinfectant solution

Also, clean the backside of the toilet for removing any hair and dust that got accumulated over time.

Using exhaust fans in your bathroom dries it out and prevents the moisture build-up. 

Get rid of any carpets or wallpaper. Use linoleum or wood flooring and paint the bathroom walls with mold-resistant enamel paints.

Scrub the bathtub and faucets after every usage for removing molds. Wipe them using a dry microfiber cloth.

Maintain an allergen-free kitchen

When you are cooking in your kitchen, always put on the kitchen exhaust fan to remove cooking vapors and avoid moisture build-up. 

Empty the trash can daily and eradicates any expired, rotten, or moldy food items. Keep your food items packed in sealed containers.

Ensure to maintain regular cleanliness in the kitchen by mopping the floor, wiping cabinets, and other kitchen appliances.  

Use the disinfectant solution for cleaning countertops and kitchen platforms. 

Clean your refrigerator using a microfiber cloth to avoid any microbial growth. 

Scrub the interiors of your fridge. Wash the utensils rack, dishwasher, cupboard exteriors, etc. 

Wash your bed linens every week

You won’t believe it, but your bed linens are the storehouse of dust, dirt, hair, pet fibers, pollen, dander, microbes, dust mites, and numerous other allergens.

Vacuuming your bed linens every alternate day proves to be a major relief for allergy sufferers. 

In addition to that, wash your bed linens in hot water using disinfectant and fragrance-free detergent at least once every week.

Use clothes dryer for drying your laundry.

The allergy sufferers must stay away from the allergy triggers as much as possible. 

If their clothes are left to dry in the outside air, it may result in allergens like pollen or molds getting stuck on their surfaces. 

Dry the clothes of allergy sufferers using the clothes dryer instead.

Delegate vacuuming and dusting tasks to someone else

If you are allergic, then you must stay away from vacuuming or dusting tasks. Ask another family member to do the cleaning.

 If you don’t have anyone around to do the cleaning for you, you should ensure to wear a mask before vacuuming or dusting.  

Moreover, use a damp cloth while mopping the floor as it would not spread the allergens into the air but trap them within its fibers.

Reduce the clutter in your house

Ensure to reduce the clutter in your house and adapt the minimalist way of life. Don’t keep the dust or items piled up in your house for too long. 

Do regular cleaning and arrange your household items in their designated place at every given opportunity.

It not only helps in getting rid of allergens but also prevents dust mites and mosquitoes.

Avoid shampooing your carpets

You would be tempted to shampoo your dirty, filthy, and smelly carpets. 

However, it would keep the carpet wet for long and leftover moisture would lead to the growth of molds and dust mites. 

Thus, clean the carpets using a vacuum cleaner to avoid the chances of allergy attacks.

Vacuum your curtains and blinds using proper vacuum accessories

Your curtains and blinds are largely exposed to the outside environment and collect dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens quickly. 

Vacuuming curtains and blinds regularly once a week, is a must for allergy sufferers. 

Ensure to use proper vacuum accessories for efficient and flawless cleaning. These accessories also provide effortless sanitation.

If you have washable window treatments, wash them using safe and disinfectant detergent in a washing machine, at least once a month. 

Also, wipe out your blinds using a microfiber cloth every week.

Adopt a strict cleanliness regime

To exercise optimal control over your allergy, you must adopt a strict cleanliness regime.  Embrace the vacuuming and cleaning as an essential part of allergy management.

Prepare a cleanliness routine including regular vacuuming, mopping floors, washing bed linens, carpets, curtains or blinds, etc. 

Divide your cleaning areas and tasks over weeks and months to not get bored or exhausted soon. 

Also, ensure to cover the difficult to reach areas like underneath furniture and beds in your cleanliness drive. 

Follow your cleanliness schedule with alarming consistency, and soon you would have an allergen-free home, a paradise for allergy sufferers.

 Avoid scented cleaners or detergents.

Being prone to allergy, you must avoid any scented cleaners, detergents, candles, or air-fresheners that may contain certain chemicals that trigger allergic reactions.


Adopting the robust cleanliness regime is a very rewarding and satisfying experience. 

It enhances your home aesthetics and promises a healthy and fulfilling life.  

By following the above-mentioned home cleaning tips and avoiding the common cleaning mistakes, you can avoid allergens and manage your allergies conveniently. 

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