Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Do you want to exercise but afraid to feel back pains afterward? If you are particular in your seating position while working out, then, it is about time to try and switch to WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike – a recumbent bike introduced by Welcare which is suitable for those who wants to have a workout without experiencing back pain. Because of the reclined seat position of this bike, you can be sure that you’ll have that exceptional comfortable workout session.

You can now shed those unwanted fats and calories to achieve that fitness goal with the WC1588 Recumbent Bike from Welcare.


LCD Display

Working out is not all about burning all those fats but it is also about seeing results. With the integrated LCD display from this bike, you can now easily track your improvements on your fitness progress. This recumbent bike indicates certain areas like the pulse rate, calories, speed, distance, ODO and time. A very important feature for those who are very conscious of their results. 

Resistance Level

This recumbent bike from Welcare has 8 levels magnetic resistance that can be easily adjusted to your desired momentum to achieve greater results. You can now customize your workout session by increasing or decreasing the level of magnetic resistance, depending on your preference. The easy-to-adjust levels of resistance make your workout sessions effortless.

Amazing Design

This bike offers you a great deal because of its designs and the high-quality performance. Because your feet are in a forward position, it allows your lower back and hips to be more relaxed. It has adjustable seats which are comfortable enough to support you while doing your workout.

It can be adjusted up and down, depending on your preference. On its sides are the smooth handles with pulse sensors.  It also comes with a floor level adjustable brush which helps you position the machine in a rough or uneven floor.

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What Do We like

Reclined Sitting Position

Since this bike is designed to have a reclined seating position, you are guaranteed to have a more comfortable workout session. Exercising has never been this easy and convenient. The pedals are positioned in front allowing you to lean on the cushioned back support for that relaxing ride. The wide seat allows even distribution of your weight to prevent lower back pain and saddle soreness. 

What We Don’t Like

Not Easy to Store

This recumbent bike takes a lot of your floor space because of the bulky design. If you are particular with your space, then you might consider other types of indoor bikes.


This recumbent bike from Welcare is designed to prevent you from being in a hunched position, making sure you are seated in a better spinal position, unlike other traditional bikes. The WC1588 provides a low-impact total body workout, which makes it suitable for various users, especially for beginners. Because it provides a low-impact workout, you won’t experience saddle soreness and another high-risk injury, without compromising the quality of workout you get.

The WC1588 recumbent bike from Welcare is a great way to get that fitness goal started. This bike ensures that you get that quality of the workout that you want and achieving the ultimate objective of having a fitness machine in the first place – to stay healthy and fit. Get yours now and experience the great deals this bike could offer.


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