Powermax Fitness BS-2070C Spin Bike Review

If you are a sporty person which loves to do outdoor activities or engage in cycling and you want to have an exercise that is just like riding a mountain bike, then you should try the Powermax Fitness BS-2070C Semi-Commercial Group Bike – a spinning bike. Spin bikes are the nearest thing to cycling because it gives you that cycling experience which is like riding a real bike. A lot of gym members consider spin bikes as one of the best professional fitness machines to use in the gym.

This Powermax Fitness BS-2070C Semi-Commercial Group Bike is designed not only for the gym but most especially to your homes. You can now have that biking experience without leaving the comfort of your homes but not necessarily compromising the quality of the workout that you can get when you are working out in the gym.

LCD Monitor Display

This spin bike is integrated with an LCD Monitor Display that enables you to see your workout progress. You can now easily keep track of the results because it clearly shows you the distance, time, speed, calories burned and pulse all throughout the whole workout experience. This feature keeps you engaged and motivated because you are provided directly with the results.

Resistance Control

The resistance of this spin bike can easily be controlled through a variable linear increase.

Drive System

This 20kg flywheel system spin bike comes with a belt drive system and a 3-piece crank. This bike will surely give you that smooth experience while working out.

Brake System

This spin bike also comes with a brake system. You can activate the brake system by pressing the knob. It also has a double direction with a direct push emergency stop. It is comparable to riding a mountain bike.

Ergonomic Design

This spin bike has a comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted to your preference. It also comes with SPD racing pedals that let you feel you are really riding a real bike. You need not worry about transporting this bike because it has a transport roller which lets you transport this fitness machine easily from one place to another.

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What Do We like

Durability and Stability

This spin bike uses high-quality materials to ensure that you are getting the quality you deserve with your money. It is designed to carry a maximum user weight of 170kg, which means to say that the materials are durable enough. You can also guarantee that you’re investing in the right product. It is a quality that is long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

Small sized seat

The seat provided onthis bike maybe too small for anyone that has broader body frame leading to an uncomfortable feeling while excercising.


If you are looking for that high-intensity workout and you are that adventurous enough to get engaged in a whole new level of a workout but would prefer doing it in your home, try using the Powermax Fitness BS-2070C Semi-Commercial Group Bike. This spin bike not only helps in burning that unwanted fats and lowering the calories but is also helpful if you want an effective cardiovascular exercise.

Spin bikes are suitable to those who are seeking a high level of workouts. Since spinning is one effective cardio, it is also considered to be an efficient way to burn calories. It is also a proven way of building your resistance.

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