How to Cope up with Air Pollution and Smog in Delhi?

A dense blanket of toxic smog enveloping Delhi during winters is becoming a new norm. The air quality gets at an all-time low in this most polluted city of India. The air pollution levels have witnessed a marked increase in the past few years in Delhi.

As per the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, the pollution levels in Delhi has crossed alarming levels and surpassed the WHO safe limits by approx 30 times. This has left the Delhites grappling with numerous health issues.

The high concentration of fine and harmful PM 2.5 particles in Delhi’s atmosphere has resulted in an upsurge of various respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, lungs-inflammation, etc., among citizens.

The incidences of headache, burning in the eyes, nausea, and breathlessness are not uncommon for Delhi residents. Moreover, this deadly air pollution in the capital city also poses grave health risks like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, etc.

Tips to Cope up with Air Pollution and Smog in Delhi

Let’s discuss some of the ways of coping with air pollution and smog in Delhi.

Avoid Exercising Outdoors

The best way to cope with the smog in Delhi is to avoid exposure to it. If you are in the habit of outdoor exercising, jogging, and cycling during the early morning hours, then make changes to your exercise routine.

Do exercise indoors. Wait for the smog to subsidize and do exercise during off-hours like afternoon or evening.

Install a good Quality Air Purifier

It would help if you got a high-quality air purifier at your home and office. This ensures you can breathe in clean, hygienic, and healthy air while staying indoors.

The air purifier comprises advanced level HEPA filters that filter out particulate matter and circulate pure air in your surroundings. Also, ensure to check the air purifier for cleaning and replacement of filters periodically.

Use Modular Chimney and Exhaust Fans 

Get a modular chimney in your kitchen that takes care of your indoor pollution. Also, ensure that the exhausts in your washrooms are performing efficiently.

Use N95 Masks

You should avoid going out as far as possible; however, if you need to go outdoors, ensure putting on an N95 mask.

The air-purifying respirator mask filters out the harmful particulate matter and prevents contaminated air from entering your nose or mouth. Ensure that your mask should be able to cover your face completely.

Eat a diet rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Ensure that your diet comprises food items enriched with Vitamin C, magnesium, and Omega fatty acids.

Eat lots of citrus fruits and drink herbal tea that comprises extracts of ginger and tulsi. This helps in boosting your immunity for fighting against infections.

Regularly consume ayurvedic potion or chyawanprash that increases your immunity.

Prepare herbal concoction using honey, warm water, Triphala powder, pippali powder, ginger and turmeric powder, etc. Drink it daily to minimize the harmful effects of smog.

Stay Hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated in such situations. Therefore consume water, electrolyte infused water, coconut water, etc., regularly throughout the day.

When you stay hydrated, it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.


Take appropriate precautionary measures as discussed above for coping against the harmful effects of air pollution and smog in the capital. Focusing on preventive therapies improves your immunity and keeps you in excellent health.

Also, do your bit to contribute towards maintaining a clean, green, and environmentally friendly Delhi.

Cut down on your smoking, share your rides, reduce your carbon-footprints, and adopt various other green initiatives; so that you can breathe freely in the open environment in the capital city.


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