Philips Air Purifiers

The Philips air purifiers brand is one of the product lines of a Dutch multinational brand that is reputed for the manufacturing of most home appliances and electronics.

Philips India Limited started its operations in India at Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1930 and was converted into a public limited company known as “Philips India Ltd” in 1959.

Philips has maintained its reputation of bringing to the Indian consumers new and very innovative products and purifiers that are fully backed up with the latest technology with the renowned Philips mark of quality and durability.

Before you make an investment in buying a Philips air purifier, then consider checking out the buying guide to make sure you have taken the right decision.

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How Does Philips Fair As An Air Purifier Brand?

Philips brand is reputed to be one of the most popular brands and name across the world for its durability and quality. The company boast of a long and credible history of more than 100 years of experience.

Philips makes it simple as it comes with a light display feature that shows users the quality of air in the room. With the color mode (Blue-Good and Red-Poor), one can easily ascertain the nature of the air in the room.

The Philips brand comes with some other unique features that make it stand out among its peers. Some of these features and qualities include

  1. It comes with three distinct modes (General modes, allergen mode and NightSense mode)
  2. It comes at different sizes and prices
  3. Smart home technology
  4. Excellent quality and durability
  5. It comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity
  6. Low-range budget products
  7. The product brand comes with a 3-stage air cleaning system
  8. Market trust
  9. An excellence post-sales services
  10. Smart child lock function

Philips Unique Selling Points

One of the reasons why most people prefer the Philips brand over other air purifier’s brands is because of the added features that the purifiers come with. These features are reputed to be flawless and durable.

Some of the unique selling points are the accurate smart sensor, also known as AeraSense, which is known to detect even the minute change in indoor air conditions.

Another unique feature of this brand is its impressive Allergen Mode that helps to deliver the turbo speed performance.

The purifier also comes with a child lock function that helps to prevents unintended changes that might come with settings.

Another unique selling point that makes this brand stand out among others is the indicator that tells when one needs to change filters.

It comes with a connected app that helps to control the purifier Via Wi-Fi and to give so many allergen advice that tells one when to change the fan speed and to set a schedule.

The Philips brand’s USP is also based on the company’s commitment to good customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation.


This brand has been able to withstand the competition from other known brands and penetrated the Indian market due to its ability to stay abreast of new development happening in the market.

The brand should also take cognizance of the Indian market perception and disposition if there still wish to maintain their market share in the Indian market.

The brand should also try to reposition themselves in terms of price for lower-level individuals and buyers in other to get a bigger chunk of the market.