Best air purifiers under INR 20,000 in India

Due to the high rate of airborne infections and diseases that have become rampant in India, there has been a need to purify one’s home and offices with air purifiers in other to stay safe. In the world of air purifiers, certain brands of the products are literally in the middle of nowhere.

These are seen as air purifiers that are not so affordable for everyone but still not so exorbitant that no one can afford to purchase the purifier. Here we would be showing you some things you need to know about air purifiers within the INR 20,000 price range.

Many brands offer air purifiers under this range like Panasonic, Mi, Philips, etc. Before you make an investment in buying an air purifier, then consider checking out the buying guide to make sure you have taken the right decision.

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How to choose an air purifier under INR 20,000

In selecting an air purifier under the price tag of under INR 20,000, there are some essential points to look out for in other to not make the wrong choice. Here are some factors to consider in making your selection

The nature of the air

The quality of air in a different part of the country is different. At some places the air quality is good, so low-end air purifiers will do the job.

Some urban cities have very bad air quality these make it relatively difficult for a low-end air purifier to work perfectly. It is important to purchase a purifier within the 20,000 INR price range that is quite durable and effective

Channel of distribution

It is necessary to go for a purifier that comes with 3 phase separating channels.

The channel includes the main channel that helps to gather all the contaminations.

The other one is to sift through the dirty gases with the help of an actuated carbon.

While the last channel is a High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) that helps to expel 0.3 micrometers contaminants from the air.


Make sure to confirm if the air purifier is working perfectly after buying – else return it to the buyer if there is an option for return after purchase. Remember to check the state of the pre-channel as a result of the long stretches of utilization.

What to expect from air purifier under INR 20,000

Here are some features to expect from an air purifier of under Rs. 20,000

Intelligent purification

Most air purifier within this price range automatically removes 99.5% of pollutants and allergens as minute as PM 0.1 microns

Removal of pollutants

Every air purifier within this price range is suitable for the removal of contaminants such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and VOCs.

Air Multiplier technology

Most of the air purifier within this price range comes with an air multiplier technology and powerful oscillation feature that helps to circulate purified air throughout the room or office.

Comparison between Air Purifier Under INR 10,000 and Air Purifiers Under INR. 20,000

The features available vary based on the price range. Let us compare the features that you are likely to get for air purifiers under INR. 10,000 and Under INR 20,000.

For illustration purposes, we have included the most commonly available features under the chosen price ranges, and the actual set of features will vary from brand to brand.

FeaturesAir Purifiers Under INR. 10, 000Air Purifiers Under INR. 20,000
ComponentsAir purifier, Filters, and User manualAir purifier, Remote control, Composite filter, and Operating manual
Item WeightAround 5 to 7 kgAround 5 to 7 kg
Power Source TypeElectricElectric
ControlJog DialJog Dial / Tactile Buttons / TouchPad
Power wattagearound 40 – 50 wattsUp to 58 watts depending on the brand
WarrantyTwo years on productTwo years on product


Air purifiers are not the answer to contaminated air but a brief help for individuals that seek fresh breath and those suffering from respiratory ailments.

With a good air purifier, one is sure of good breath and a great benefit for one’s money. Take time to select from the best brands in India as you keep maintaining a sound and good health for you and your family.