Air Purifiers under INR 10,000

Due to an increase in the level of pollution in our homes and environment, most individuals have started to understand the importance of air purifiers and keeping their environment free from this pollution.

As a result of the high demand for air purifiers for homes and offices, prices for this essential appliance has been skyrocketing in recent time. Here we would be giving you some crucial details that you are expected to see from this range of air purifiers and a comparison with other models of air purifiers.

Many brands offer air purifiers under this range like Panasonic, Mi, Philips, etc. Before you make an investment in buying an air purifier, then consider checking out the buying guide to make sure you have taken the right decision.

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What to Expect From Air Purifiers under INR 10,000?

Here we would be considering some features that one is expected to come around when buying an air purifier of under INR 10,000.

It is important to know about any product before shelling out money to pay for the product. Here are some important items to expect from an air purifier within the INR 10,000 price mark.

Room size

Air purifiers within this price range are designed to clean a room of different sizes. It can cover a room size within the range of 250 square feet to 323 square feet. It is important to select an air purifier that is suitable for your room size else it will leave you with a product that is either underused or overused.

Daily usage of 8 hours

For an air purifier within the price range – a regular usage of 8 hours, the filter can work for about a year. If your room requires more usage time, then it is necessary to go for higher grade products.

It has 5 to 7 stage purification

The product range is designed in a way that comes with 5 to 7 stage air purification. This gives one different option for the purification. Some of the common filters used in this purification stage are HEPA, ionizer, carbon, UV, etc.

Clean air rate

Air purifiers under INR 10,000 have the capacity of a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 300 m3/hr. If you desire for a product with a higher air delivery rate, then one can go for more advanced products.  Endeavor to ascertain the CADR size before making the purchase.

Benefits of an air purifier

Help the family breathe easier

With the help of a good air purifier, one is expected to breathe easier and better since clean air is essential for a healthy living.

Elimination of pollutants

Air purifiers help to eliminate contaminants from the home and offices. These pollutants include but not limited to molds, dust mites, and pet dander

Fresh air while cooking

Excessive amounts of nitrogen dioxide, ultrafine particles, and carbon monoxide are often released into the air while cooking with a gas burner. Other unpleasant smells can be released while cooking or frying. With the help of an air purifier, this smell can easily be eliminated.

Quality sleep

An air purifier with an advanced filter leaves the environment cozy and helps to stimulate a pleasant and comfortable sleep.


Good air purifiers under this price range can easily be found in the Indian market. Due to the influx of different brands in the market, competition has become stiffer, and this is of more benefit to consumers.

With new brands wanting to outdo each other’s, new and more advanced features now comes with under INR 10,000 air purifiers. Now customers can get excellent value for their money.

Under this price range, you are expected to find top brands such as Honeywell, Philips, Xiaomi, Gliese, Prestige, and Panasonic.

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