MI Air Purifiers

Xiaomi is seen as the mother brand of the MI air purifiers. MI air purifiers come at an incredibly low price. The MI air purifiers are an intelligent product that comes with some smart features that purify the air of room and offices.

These air purifiers come with a 360 degree 3 layer filter. Other features that this purifier brand comes with includes timer schedules and real-time monitors. It also comes with four different modes, which includes both auto and manual.

Xiaomi is seen as a Chinese electronics company that is headquartered in Beijing. It is into the production of smartphones and has dived into the production of items such as air filters and other home items. The brand focuses on the Indian market, which is seen as one of the major world buyers of air purifiers.

Before you make an investment in buying a Mi air purifier, then consider checking out the buying guide to make sure you have taken the right decision.

MI Air Purifier 2 Review

MI Air Purifier 2 Review

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How Does MI Air Purifiers Brand?

MI is one of the most popular Air purifier brands in the Indian market. The mother brand of the MI is the youngest company on the Fortune Global List. The company is reputed for its credibility in the purifiers market.

It is reputed for its brand quality in this market segment and greatly loved by all Indian markets. The product comes with some intelligent and smart features that act like a pro for them. The numerous qualities that it possesses make it stand out from other popular brands in the Indian market.

Some notable features and points that make these product brand to standout includes

  1. It comes with an excellent market trust and credibility
  2. Reputed for their good customer support and timeliness
  3. It comes in a simple and great designs
  4. Greatly loved by most Indians
  5. It has excellent quality
  6. Fewer past customer complaints
  7. The superb price range for all Indians
  8. Easy to use for first-timers


The MI brand unique selling point is the technologically advanced features that the purifiers come with at less cost.

It is reputed for its quality and durability as it has managed to stay abreast of its competitors. Since it focuses on the Indian market, it is designed to suit the Indian environment and topology.

Another USP of this product is the incredibly sleek and svelte look. It is simple and minimalist.

It is designed to absorb polluted air from all the four sides while releasing treated air from the top.

It comes with different modes like High-speed mode, Night mode, and auto mode. With its high-speed mode, it can clean the air in just 12 minutes. When put in night mode, it works quietly in the background and provides you clean air and in auto mode, the built-in sensors detect the quality of air and switch the mode accordingly.

The Air purifiers by MI can be completely controlled through your smartphone.  With the MI home app, you can detect the air quality, etc

When compared to other purifiers in the Indian market, this product is incomparable and a class on its own.


The MI brand, due to its durability and versatility, has been able to position itself in the Indian market fully. Been a China originated company, most people tend to mistake it to be an Indian company due to its full acceptance and penetration into the Indian market.

With its unique selling points as listed above, the brand will be able to compete with other known brands in the market while developing and reinventing itself to become the market leader soon.

With the New invention of pairing with one’s smartphone, the MI air purifiers will now allow you to monitor your pollution level in real-time.

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