HEPA Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are known to be a type of cleaners used in removing bad airs, mold, dust, and other kinds of allergens from the air in the home. 

Air purifiers come in different types and perform various functions. In this article, we would be discussing everything you need to know about HEPA air purifiers and the benefits of using a HEPA air purifier.

HEPA air purifiers are “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” purifiers. It is seen as a purifier that is highly efficient in capturing microscopic particles. HEPA purifiers come with a dense filter, which is often called a HEPA filter. This filter helps to trap particles such as pollen, dander, mold, dust, and other allergens in the air.

Many brands offer HEPA air purifiers like Mi, Philips, etc. Before you make an investment in buying a HEPA air purifier, then consider checking out the buying guide to make sure you have taken the right decision.

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Types of HEPA Filters

A True HEPA filter comes in two unique models. These includes

Dense paper filters

This type of filter comes with a highly dense paper. There are degradable and must be replaced after some time

Mesh HEPA Filters

These types of HEPA filters are mesh in type. There are washable and are permanent

It is important to note that higher air purifiers that are used for a larger sq. Ft. are usually degradable and will require one to replace them every few months as soon as they deteriorate.

How do HEPA filters work?

The HEPA filter is a mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh. This helps to remove the trapped and harmful particles such as tobacco smoke, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. 

The filter works like a sieve with holes big enough to trap some particles and small to let others through. With a HEPA filter, it uses two different mechanisms to clean the air stream. The filters come with a concertina of an item that looks like a folded paper that is designed to trap small particles.

At high airspeeds, different particles are trapped as they go directly into the fibers while at a low-speed dust particles wanders about randomly through the air filter by what is known as Brownian motion.

Features of HEPA air filters

Apart from the volume per hour airflow of an air purifier, there are some underlying factors to consider when buying a HEPA air purifier. These includes


How easy it is to make use of the air purifier should be considered when making a selection. Is there a need to move it from one room to another? If the answer is yes, then you may need to consider buying a smaller version of the HEPA purifier.

Energy consumption capability

Energy consumption should be considered when making a selection. The ability to fine-tune the operation of the HEPA air filter tends to affects the power consumption greatly.

Noise emitted

A need to consider the noise emitted from the air purifier is a major consideration before making the final choice. It is necessary to go for a product that does not emit much noise if you are making use of it in the bedroom.


The cost and frequency of maintaining a HEPA air filter should be considered. Determine how often the filters are to be changed. Air purifiers with carbon activated sheets often require more frequent maintenance, while ionizer technology purifiers will need the help of a professional repairer.

Who will need a HEPA Air Purifier?

Individuals seeking to eliminate contaminants

A True HEPA air purifier is an excellent instrument for trapping all airborne contaminants in the home

Allergies and asthma

HEPA air purifiers are the right choice for individuals suffering from allergies and asthma

Clean and fresh

Suitable for Individuals seeking to keep their home clean and fresh


As stated earlier, HEPA filters are a suitable machine for the eliminating of most airborne contaminations.  HEPA air purifiers are more expensive than other air filters because the HEPA filters come with a more advanced technology that works well for almost everyone

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