Honeywell Air Touch-S8 Smart and App Based Room Air Purifier Review

The entire world is a victim of breathing impure air and in such a scenario if you don’t take immediate action, it might result in taking a massive structure in the future. Especially if you want a healthy family, taking immediate measures is a necessity. No doubt that you cannot fight with the situation, but you definitely can take some measures just to make sure a fit and healthy family.

Including a Honeywell air purifier can become a great inclusion for any family. The Honeywell Air Touch S8 is one of those superior class air purifiers that has been built with some of the exclusive features. Once you include this machine, you can stay assured of offering fresh and purified air to your family. Now let us have a look at the features of this Honeywell Air Touch-S8 Smart and App-Based Room Air Purifier.

3D airflow design

The air purifier has been designed in such a way that the purifier is able to spread fresh and purified air even in the smallest of corners. With vents present on different angles, this purifier offers optimum suction and thereby ensures complete purification.

Silent in operation

If you have kids who are very sensitive to noise, you can stay assured that they will sleep well. You don’t have to worry about the noise, as these air purifiers are completely silent while functioning.

Filer runs for long

As the brand is aware that these days due to a hectic life schedule, people do not have time. This is the reason why to make it easy and less hectic for people, the filters of these air purifiers are made to last till 3000hours. They can last until 9 months even when you keep it on for 8 hours a day.

Anti-fall design

If you have kids or any type of mishandling can result in falling. To ensure that the appliance will never fall or cause any damage, it has been designed with the anti-fall design.

Easy filter replacement

The best part of this purifier is that it does require the need for calling an engineer every time. The filters ate quick and easy to replace and can be dome any anyone. Hence no need for calling an expert and paying every time for filter replacement.

Intelligent mode

The amazing feature of this purifier can easily sense the pollution present in the air. As soon as the purifier detects any type of issue with the room air quality, it triggers the machine to start and perform its function to maintain the air quality.

Touch panel

No more you need to press, as the purifier has been designed with the latest features. The touch panel enables the touch system along with the indicator can guide you throughout the air quality.

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What Do We like

Easy to install

You do not have to get in touch with an expert for installing this machine. They come pre-installed, all you need to unbox and install the machine. No extra work no need to calling an expert.

Great in its performance

There is no doubt that the machine performs just the way it has been advertised. It has all the required features thereby making the machine great for the polluted areas. Especially in India, where the pollution level is beyond tolerance, this machine is an ideal inclusion.

Looks fantastic

Undoubted no one will want to buy a machine that does not have a good look. Keeping in mind about it, this machine has been designed in a way that compliments any interior. You can choose to keep it in any fixed place and it will perform in an amazing manner.

What We Don’t Like

App control is harad

Nothing is bad about this machine except for app settings. It might become hard for people who are new.


So now that you have known about the features of the Honeywell Air Touch-S8 air purifier, you can buy it. This appliance has the capability to absorb the pollutants and proffer fresh and purified air for breathing.

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