Philips AC3259/20 Air Cleaner Review

Philips is one of the most popular brands in the world of electronics known to offer some of the superior class product at a reasonable price. One of their most chosen products that have outperformed people’s expectations is the Philips AC3259/20 air purifier.

The Philips AC3259/20 is known for some of the amazing features. Since this brand understands the pollution in the cities of India, it has integrated these products with some of the amazing features. Installing these products ensure breathing fresh and purified air. You can stay assured about the good health of your family including your kids as the purifier ensures great performance.


Effective allergen removal mode

This model of the Philips Air Purifier is designed with an Allergen mode. It is highly effective in eliminating the airborne allergens. As soon as these purifiers detect any change in the quality of air, it starts its action to remove the allergens.

Automated actions

The presence of the professional-grade sensor makes this air purifier a great choice. It has been integrated with the AreaSense technology that can easily sense any changes in the indoor air quality. It automatically adjusts its fan speed to get rid of the particles in the air.

Easily access to the purifier

Now you can easily operate the air purifier with the connected app. You can easily change its fan speed, turn it on or off or check the filter condition from the app. Hence, it ensures convenience. No more you need to go near the machine to get complete information.

VitaShield Purifier

The purifier has been designed with the VitaShield IPS. Aerodynamics designs become highly effective. Besides, it has a thick NanoProtect filter which boosts in delivering clean and pure air. It also helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other toxic particles that flow in the air.

5 manual setting and 3 auto modes

As there is a change in the air quality every time, there is always a need for users to change the mode. This is why the Philips AC3259/20 air purifier has been integrated with the 3 auto purification settings which include General mode, extra powerful mode and the sensitive allergen mode. Apart from this, the 5 manual modes present in the purifier ensures providing you with choices, Yu can easily choose from the five-speed settings as per the need for purification.

Great dashboard

The product has a great dashboard integrated where you can easily check the outdoor and indoor air quality,. Hence you can keep a constant track of the air with the purifier.

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What Do We like

Great features

The product has been integrated with some of the best designs. Not every model of air purifier offered by Philips would provide you with these features, but this model does. Hence it is the right investment to make.

Effective for Indian air condition

The product is the best choice for the Indian air condition where pollution has gone beyond the level of tolerance. This air purifier ensures providing you with breathable and purified air.

What We Don’t Like

No bad thing about this product has been witnessed so far.


Therefore now that you have known about the Philips AC3259/20 air purifier, you can consider buying this product. You can stay assured that you will get the best outcome upon installing this in your bedroom.

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