Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier Review

In today date, when we all are struggling to breathe fresh air without the presence of any allergens or pollutants, integrating a good air purifier is a need for people. We are all aware of the bad impact of pollution have on our respiratory system and hence if not taken care of at an early stage, this might result in hampering the overall health condition.

Air purifiers are the only devices that can become a saviour in such a scenario. Especially if you have a kid, you definitely need to take immediate action just to make sure that they don’t get into breathing trouble. Dyson is one of those very few and promising brands that have offered some of the high-end products like Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier. This device is efficient in removing the pollutants from the air and proffers fresh air to your family.

Real-time pollutant sensor

This device has the capability to detect air quality automatically. It has been designed with some of the high-end features which are highly effective in detecting the pollutant level by offering real-time NO2, VOC, PM10, and PM2.5 reports.

Intelligent reporting

If you are thinking about how you will be able to check the reports on the air quality, then stay assured as the device can be linked with the Dyson link app. Once you download and install this app on your Smartphone, you can check everything in detail. This device automatically senses captures and then reports it to you.

Efficient filters

There is no doubt that the filters inside the machine are the things that will take the entire credit. It has a fully sealed filtering system which is again combined with the activated carbon filters which together is effective in removing gases. The presence of the HEPA filters is able to capture 99.9% of the pollutants and allergens which is tony as 0.1 microns.

350-degree oscillation

To make sure that the pollutants are absorbed from various angles and purified air is regular throughout, this air purifier has the ability to move from 45 to 350 degrees. This helps to spread even the hardest of angles.

Easy filter replacement

There is no need for getting in touch with an expert due to the presence of easy replace filters. Not only they can be replaced easily but also they are low maintenance and can be offered the best result. The app presents with this air purifier offers notification during the need for replacing the filters.

Night mode

Keeping in mind the need for purifier in today’s date and placing them in the bedrooms,. The brand has included an additional and effective night mode features. This feature enables powerful action without making any sound or lights.

Remote control

Making sure about the convenience of people, this brand has designed remote control with the device. Hence you do not have to get up for your bed just to change any particular setting but with the remote control, you can lie down and change as per your requirements.

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What Do We like

Great looks

There is no doubt that this one of those very few purifiers that looks completely unique. You can set it in any corner of the rooms because of its unique design.

Powerful airflow

This air purifier has been designed with an Air Multiplier™ technology. This enables the airflow and delivers more than 360 liters of powerful yet smooth airflow every second. The amazing design ensures spreading purified air throughout the room.

Easy installation

This air purifier does not require calling an expert because it can be installed very easily. Just unbox and install the device.

Cooling technology

This is undeniably an added feature of this air purifier which enables this device to purify throughout the year and cools in the summer.

Manage the air quality

There is no doubt that this air purifier does what it claims. Once you switch it on and check the air quality, you can immediately feel the difference.

What We Don’t Like

Cooling feature is not great

Even when the company claims to cool during summer, this feature is certainly not great like the other features.


Undoubtedly the features of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier are great for installing in the bedroom. So now that you have an ideal about the features of this air purifier, you can choose to buy it. It can become an ideal inclusion in the metro cities just to make sure you inhale non-toxic and pure air.

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