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Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Room Air Purifier Review

Pollution is the major concern of people and if not taken proper measures, this can result in casting a serious impact on the health of both adults and infants. Inhaling the polluted air filled with toxic gases and harmful substances can result in several respiratory diseases. In such a scenario, when you cannot fight against […]

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Honeywell Air Touch A5 Purifier Review

In the world when the pollution level is rising at an unreachable rate, taking proper measures to fight the situation is a necessity. Reducing it is almost impossible and therefore to make sure about your family’s health, all you need is to install a reliable and great air purifier. Only the appliances can ensure maintaining […]

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Honeywell Lite Indoor HAC20M1000W 48-Watt Air Purifier Review

Honeywell is a known brand that has invented and manufactured technologies which has the efficiency to overcome the toughest challenges. In today’s world when air pollution has become a problem for people, this brand has come up with some of the unique solutions for people and society. Their air purifier has the efficacy to ensure […]

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Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier Review

In today’s world, when the pollution level has gone beyond a limit, there is a need for including something that would assure a healthy living. Breathing the pollutants present in the air will result in causing respiratory problems and hence nothing like including an efficient air purifier tends to be a great inclusion. These high-end […]

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Honeywell Air Touch-S8 Smart and App Based Room Air Purifier Review

The entire world is a victim of breathing impure air and in such a scenario if you don’t take immediate action, it might result in taking a massive structure in the future. Especially if you want a healthy family, taking immediate measures is a necessity. No doubt that you cannot fight with the situation, but […]

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