Philips AC5659/20 Air Purifier Review

You cannot fight with the pollution and the toxic particles present in the air, but you can choose to do something right for your close ones. In India, pollution has really grown over the time and this can seriously damage the respiratory system of the kids and infants. Nothing but installing a good air purifier seems to be a great inclusion for everyone.

Philips has undoubtedly offered a huge number of choices to people. One of the great products from the air purifier product line is the Philips AC5659/20. This particular model has been integrated with some of the advantageous features which truly become an ideal inclusion for homes in India so that you can breathe fresh and purified air.


Eliminates 99.97 percent of allergens

This air purifier has been designed with the multi-stage filtration system that has the efficiency to capture almost 99.97 percent particles present in the air. Even a part tiny as 0.3 micron can be filtrated in this air purifier. Hence it is capable of removing the pet dander, polled and other allergens found in the air.

Great allergen mode

This product has been features with the extra-sensitive allergen mode. This mode has the efficiency to detect any changes in the air quality. In case it detects the slightest of change it will instantly get into the safe level and make the air breathable.

Highly effective against viruses and bacteria

Provided with a great feature, this air purifier can easily remove the viruses and bacteria. Even when we cannot see these in naked eyes, inhaling these allergens can seriously damage our respiratory health. Installing this product can help you to stay assured of breathing cleaner air.

Multi-layer filtration system

The air purifier has a multi layer filter inside it which is capable of remove wide range of pollutants present in the air. It also ensures delivering top-notch performance, thereby helping you to breathe clean and pure air.

Display the allergen level

The sensor available in this machine helps to find all the allergens in your room. The display is done in the form of risk level which is provided in the scale of 1 to 12.

Harmful gas monitor

The best part of this purifier is that it offers real-time feedback to people. It shows the harmful gases present in your room. Presence of the gas sensor helps to detect the potential harmful gases.

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What Do We like

Great performance

This is so far the best air purifier offer by Philips. It has some of the advanced features and the amazing design of the purifier ensures delivering clean air to the space.

No noise

The present of the unique TwinForce aerodynamics along with the dual fan design of the air purifier offer double air flow for increasing the performance. The curvature design offered in this purifier makes sure to minimize the noise. This is one of those few features that make this purifier unique from other air purifiers.

Smart phone app

Making you of the app you can easily manage the air purifier anytime and anywhere. You can easily check the quality of the air in your room along with compare the air quality with the outdoor air. Moreover, you can also operate the fan speed along with check the status of the filter. From the app itself you can get the knowledge about the time when the filters need to be changed.

What We Don’t Like

The product has no bad features or unreliable features and therefore no bad points to be mentioned.


So these are some of the features present in the Philips AC5659/20 air purifier. Installing this air purifier ensures providing fresh air in your room along with ensures presence of no harmful gases. So just purchase this purifier today and ensure better health of your family.

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