Philips AC2887/20 Air Purifer Review

When it is about breathing fresh and pure air, there is always a need for installing an efficient purifier. Since the pollution level is going beyond the level of acceptance, taking proper measures ensures the proper health of your family. Especially when you have a new-born in your family, you definitely need to take extra care to make sure of no respiratory problems in the future.

Philips is one of those very few brands that offer some of the high-end air purifiers that is highly efficient in delivering successful results.  Philips AC2887/20 air purifier has been designed to set in the living room of your house to make sure that you breathe fresh air. The exclusive features of this air purifier can easily take the challenges and offer purified and breathable air.


Healthy air protect

The filter available in this purifier has been calculated depending on the indoor pollution, operation time and air flow. This alert system available here will provide you with the information about the best time to replace this filter. When the filter is not replaced, this appliance will immediately stop functioning just to make sure that the purifier fails to offer purified air.

Smart light control

The lights and AQI available in the appliance can be easily dimmed or turned off just to avoid any type of disturbance while sleeping. The smart light control is a great inclusion in the appliance.


In silent mode, this purifier automatically turns the fan speed down along with lower the noise level. This again ensures you to sleep comfortably at night. No more you will feel the disturbance due to presence of different lights.

VitaShield IPS Technology

Presence of the VitaShield along with the NanoProtect Filter and aerodynamic design boosts the clean air delivery. This purifier has the ability o deliver lean air up to 344 m3/hr. Besides, the filtration technology available in the system can effectively remove the ultra-fine particles which are small as 20nm, lower the harmful gas level like TVOC, formaldehyde and other odor. It can effectively eliminate 99.9% bacteria in the room.

AreaSense Technology

This is a unique addition in the purifier. The AreaSense is the sensor which can identify the fine particles, which is tiny as PM 2.5. Later, it processes the information just to make sure that its settings are apt for the air condition.

Allergen Mode

This special mode comprises of event-detection from AreSense. This is a professional sensor which detects the daily events like shaking pillow or vacuum cleaning. Upon detecting the events, the purifiers automatically boost the airflow to reduce the allergen level to a healthy air.

Bacteria Mode

The bacteria and virus available in the air are easily detected by this air purifier. This is therefore one of the best ways of reducing the presence of these particles in a level to boost healthy airflow along with improve the air exchange every hour. Presence of the HEPA filter ensures getting rid from bacteria and virus to 99.9% ensuring to proffer breathable air.

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What Do We like

Convenient size

The best thing about this filter is its size. Even when it is great at its serving, it is not huge in size. It has a convenient size that can be easily placed in a corner making it look great and offer amazing service.

Easy to use keyboard and display

Philips has made it very easy for the users by offering a g=keyboard and display in the appliance. You can easily use it along with along with can check everything in the display itself.

Color indicator work great

Availability of the color change option present in the air purifier provides you with the information about the air quality. Hence, you can understand the measures needs to be taken.

What We Don’t Like

No remote control

Nothing is bad about this appliance, but presence of a remote control would have been a great inclusion. It would make operating the appliance conveniently.


The amazing features available on the Philips AC2887/20 make it a great inclusion in your house. Make sure you purchase it if you want to ensure god health of your family. So take a look at the assortment and purchase the appliance today.

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