MI Air Purifier 2 Review

Pollution is a major concern among people across India. This can seriously damage the respiratory system of infants and can become a concern for adults. To combat the health hazards caused due to pollution, air purifiers are a need for homes. Only a good air purifier integrated with the finest air purification technology can help to breathe in the fresh air.

MI 2 air purifier is one of those very few air purifiers that are designed to meet the needs of people. It has the ability to proffer fresh air to people with the innovative technology integrated inside it. Extremely efficient available to filter the polluted air and offer fresh and breathable air to your family ensure the health of your family members.

Purify in 10mins

The MI 2 Air purifier is designed in an elegant and simple manner to be able to complement any room. This is even compact than any other MI air purifier, as it is 40% small in size than the MI 2S. Despite of the small size, the purifier is competent to offer great CADR, which is 310m/h Clean Air Delivery Rate. It has the competency to circulate clean and pure air in 21m room within just 10mins.

Ultra-efficient filters for cleaner air

Even without your knowledge, your home is filled with many invisible toxic substances. It is a need to eliminate these substances, and hence this new MI 2 air purifiers tend to become in ideal inclusion in your home. The triple layer filter in this air purifier consisting of PET as the primary filter, activated carbon filter and EPA filter ensures purifying the air and remove the toxic microbes from the air along with bad odour.

Larger circulation

The MI 2 air purifier has been designed keeping in mind about the aircraft engine. This air purifier has the ability to create huge air pressure along with offers huge circulation that helps in pumping pure air along with distributes cleaner air in all the corners of a room. Hence you can inhale fresh and pure air.

Convenient in Use

The best of the MI air purifier is the convenience in using it. The MI Home app, when installed in your phone, helps using this air purifier remotely. You can operate your MI air purifier anywhere. You can even keep an eye on the quality of the air. Moreover, in case the windows are open, it will notify you to close them. You will also be notified about the need for changing the filters.

Quality air

The sensors present in this air purifier have the ability to detect toxic substances. It also helps in offering real-time reading to the users. Since the air purifier has been designed in a manner, it automatically chooses the setting that seems best for it and takes only 8 minutes for circulating the air.

Silent and strong motor

Most of the users complain about the noisy motor that becomes a problem while sleeping. This air purifier has been integrated with a motor that is not at all noisy, so interfere while sleeping. As it is equipped with the advanced aerodynamics along with featuring the Japanese motor, it is ultra-quiet and extremely efficient in its job. This is why it is a great choice for living rooms.

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What Do We like

Super silent in Night Mode

The great thing about this purifier is that these purifiers are extremely efficient and they do not produce any sound. In the night mode, this air purifier is pin-drop silent.

Easy Setup of the app

Even when you are not a tech-savvy person, the app of this purifier can be set up very easily. It does not take one to be tech-savvy to install and use this app.

Great control from the app

As they say, this app can handle several operations of the air purifier, which includes turning off/on, switching modes and the speed in manual.

What We Don’t Like

Not easy to carry

This unit is not too heavy, and yet then it is not portable. You cannot carry this everywhere with you.


So now you have known the features of MI 2 air purifier, you can easily choose to purchase this. You can stay assured, as this purifier is great in serving its purpose. So just make your choice and breathe fresh and purified air.

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