Orient Electric Airtek ATKTS60SP 15-Litre Air Cooler Review

Being comfortable in a small room is really crucial if you want to have a relaxing sleep. People usually students and employees rent a dormitory especially if their school or workplace is far away from home. The thing is not all dormitories offer a nice cooling system especially if the dorm is a low budget one. With regards to that, you will need an air cooler that will help you battle out the heat especially when the hot season comes.

You’ll need a portable air cooler that you can rely on then this air cooler is probably for you. It is compact, magnificent, and can withstand extended hours of use. It is made of highly-durable materials that guarantee satisfaction.

3 Sided Honeycomb Cooling Media

Provides you with cooler and cleaner air. Because of this feature, you will get cleaner colder air.

Carbon Dust Filter

It filters out dirt and bacteria in the air so that you will not experience any allergies or ill-effects that are coming from dirty air.

Oscillating Louvers

You do not have to shift the louvers manually because the motorized louvers will do it for you.

Castor Wheel Feature

This air cooler has 4 castor wheels integrated beneath it so that you can easily move the air cooler from one place to another without the need to lift it.

OFF Timer Feature

You will not have to worry anymore of being forgetful. With this feature, you will not forget to turn the air cooler anymore because it turns off automatically by itself.

Remote Control

You do not have to go near the air cooler in order to change its settings, you will just click the remote control and you are able to change its settings easily.

Inverter Compatible

This will save you a lot of electricity because it can run on inverter power alone.

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What Do We like


Expect that you can place it anywhere in your house even on limited floor areas.

Nice Design

You will not be ashamed of putting it inside your house because it is stylish and elegant. It will surely add up some wow factor and definition to your room.

Quiet Operation

You will not hear any noise upon using this air cooler because its motor is quiet yet very responsive.


It only consumes 126 watts making you save some money from your electricity bills.

Good For the Health

Air coolers use water as a substitute for Freon for cooling which is much better especially for the health.

Spare Parts are Widely Available

Since it is made by a well-known brand you can expect that you can easily find its spare parts locally.

What We Don’t Like

Small Tank

Since it only has 15-liters of maximum capacity expect that you will have to refill it from time to time.


For personal use, it is really advisable to buy this air cooler. It is reliable and will not let you down and that is for sure. It is made of high-quality materials that will keep you cooler at all times. Buy this now and see the difference for yourself.

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