Maharaja Whiteline Arrow+ 30-Litre Air Cooler Review

Not all people are given the privilege to have comfort in their own homes because of several reasons. One is not having good ventilation at home and the next one is the lack of furniture and entertainment appliances. Among the two, proper ventilation is more important and with regards to that having an air cooler has a lot of benefits.

So when you are looking for one, this specific air cooler could be a great choice for home use. A great gift that you can give to yourself and your family as it will provide an excellent ambiance in your home. Let us further discuss its advantages and main features down below.


Caster Wheels

It allows the air cooler to be moved easily from one place to another inside your house.

Cooling Pads

This provides better cooling and at the same time gives you a lot of ease when cleaning it as these pads are removable.

Speed Control

Allows you to choose among the 3 speeds so that you will have a much more satisfying cooling experience.

Wood Wool Pads

Promotes fresher air and at the same time gives you the ability to clean the cooler much easier.

30 Liters Water Tank

This 30 liters water tank will give you the ability to enjoy cooler air for much longer periods of time.

ABS Material

This air cooler is made of ABS material to ensure that it will last longer because ABS material does not rust at all.

Water Level Indicato

This feature will help you check the current water level of your tank so that you will know when to refill your air cooler.

Motorized Louvers

This feature lets the louvers to move automatically so that you do not have to set them manually from time to time.

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What Do We like

Fantastic Design

The design of this air cooler is truly remarkable that is why it will improve the look of your room.

Comfortable to Use

The knobs are responsive whenever you are using it so that you can enjoy the air cooler as quickly as possible.


This one of a kind appliance does not consume too much electricity which will save you a lot of money from your electricity bills.

Easy to Maintain

The spare parts of this air cooler are very easy to the source because it is made by a local brand.

User Manual

This will help you use the air cooler easier because it will guide you on how to use it properly.

What We Don’t Like

Noisy Motor

While you are using it you can hear a little bit of noise from time to time.


Finding the right air cooler for your home can be tough especially if you do not have the knowledge regarding air coolers. Do not look anywhere else anymore because this air cooler will save you from tons of time in searching. Buy this now and you will not regret it for the rest of your lives because of the bountiful benefits that it has.

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