Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler Review

This one of a kind appliance will definitely make life more comfortable for you. It will prove to you that having cool air in your home or office while saving electricity is possible. It only consumes 185 watts of electricity but can accommodate rooms up to 50 square cubed. This is truly an air cooler that is worth considering putting in your home and using it on a daily basis.

Alarm Feature

This air cooler beeps for 5 seconds for its user to know when he must refill the tank. It will make the appliance more efficient for you and at the same time avoid any premature breakdown of the item.

Air Filter Technology

This air cooler will provide you much cleaner air because it has a honeycomb pad that filters the specks of dust that is present on the air. It also makes the flow of air more consistent as well.

Filter Feature

This air cooler undergoes 5 filter stages whenever it provides cool air to your home. The 5 filter stages are the smell, bacteria, allergy, wash, and dust providing you with a better quality of air.

Dura-Pump Technology

This feature makes the pump more durable which can extend its lifespan. It will save you money from repairs and from buying spare parts from time to time.

Uninterrupted Cooling Feature

This air cooler will continuously provide you with cool air as long as it is turned on and has sufficient water on the tank. There is no need to do a lot of manual intervention on it for it to function well.

Inverter Power Capable Feature

It saves a lot of electricity because it can run on inverter power. This will spare you from spending too much on electricity bills every month.

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What Do We like

Voltage Protection

There are times that short voltages happen and it can damage any appliances permanently. With this feature, rest assured that the electronic components of your cooler will be safe from usual scenarios.

Spectacularly durable

Its lightness and compact size will save you a lot of space in your home. Aside from that it has wheeled stands that let you move it easily by means of rolling it on the ground.

Large Tank

The 31-liter capacity tank will give you an extensive use of the air cooler without the need to refill the tank more often. This will save you time and effort which you can spend on more important things.


It has an overflow outlet that lets the extra water drain on a bucket. It will make you save effort and at the same time prevent unwanted spills all over your house.

Easy to Use

The interface of this appliance is non-complex meaning it is easy to understand. It will not give you any hard time even if it is just your first time using an air cooler.

Outstanding Design

The design is simple yet elegant and will greatly add some wow factor to your room. It also has a sturdy casing which will protect the interior components of the air cooler much effectively.

What We Don’t Like

Good for Small Rooms Only

It is not made to cool big rooms because of their limited motor capacity. However, you can use it effectively on small bedrooms but not applicable for living room use


Now you know a lot about this product as we tackled its features and advantages will you buy it? If you will ask us, our answer is yes because it has promising attributes that make a good personal air cooler that you can use at home. So when the summer season comes you will not have to worry about the hot weather in a practical way.

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