Beginner Workouts for Men to Do at Home

Our busy lifestyles make it very challenging to take time out for gym, play sports, or exercise in the nearby park. Doing workouts at home seems to be an easy alternative to stay healthy. However, if you are a beginner, you may get confused over workout programs.

Men across the age group and fitness levels require a workout plan specially tailored to their abilities. Over time, you can master the basics of every workout program and achieve your fitness goals.

Begin by deciding your fitness goals. Whether you would like to lose weight, build muscles, burn calories, achieve six-pack abs, or keep your diabetes/cardiovascular issues in check, make a note of it.

Go through the various workout programs available and choose the one that interests you the most.

Ensure to take the advice of a physician before beginning any workout routine. You need mental and physical discipline to kick start your workout regimen.

List of Beginner Workouts for Men

Treadmill workouts for men

Treadmill workouts for men are one of the best home workouts. This machine provides many reliable workout programs for achieving your fitness goals effectively and quickly. You can do level walking, brisk walking, running, hill workouts on inclined moving belts, etc.

You can make your treadmill workouts more effective by following various tricks and tools.

Begin by walking or running for a fixed period of time. As your fitness increases, you may add variety to your workouts by including interval workouts and hill climbs.

You can also use various apps that help to make your walking and running workouts more effective. Some gadgets provide coaching tips for strength exercises, warm-ups, and guided workouts.

Yoga and stretching workouts

Doing stretching exercises and practising various yoga postures adds immense flexibility to your body and provides immense health benefits.

The best way to begin is to get your hands on popular Yoga channels on TV or Youtube. You may also browse various yoga websites and learn the intricacies of various postures from experts.

You can also get enrolled in online yoga workouts and begin with beginner-level yoga postures. You only need a yoga mat to start with yoga postures. Yoga postures also help to discipline your mind as it involves proper breathing and meditation techniques.

Many yoga postures involve stretching your body parts in various directions. It reduces stress, improves mobility, increases range of motion in joints, and ensures sound sleep.

Boxing workouts for men at home

If you are a fan of boxing, you can consider at-home boxing workouts. This workout does not require boxing gloves or a punching bag.

Let’s see the various steps involved in beginner’s boxing workouts for men.

  • Begin by doing warm-up exercises. Practice jumping jack for 30 seconds and take a 10-second rest. Repeat this set four times. Take a break for one minute.
  • Take a boxing stance with your non-dominant hand in the front and your dominant hand in the rear. Ensure that your feet are apart and your knees are slightly bent.
  • Now practice a punch combination that involves jabbing with a front fist followed by a cross-punch from the rear. Do this boxing drill for 20 seconds and rest for one minute. Complete four rounds of punch combination with one-minute rest between every set.
  • Relax your body by performing simple body stretches and walking for 5 minutes. You can add new punch combinations and increase the duration for intensifying your workouts.

Cycling workouts 

If you have an exercise bike, you can enjoy cardiovascular and strength workouts without going anywhere. The cycling workouts build strength in your legs and boost your heart rate.

Do warm-up by doing rope-skipping for a few minutes. With an exercise bike, you can do pedalling at your own pace. Begin by pedalling for 2 minutes, followed by one-minute rest.

Do 3-4 rounds of cycling as per your comfort level. Begin slowly and try to increase the pace of pedalling as you get comfortable.

Chair workout for men

You can do chair workouts if you find it difficult to do the exercises while standing. The chair workouts provide effective workouts for building flexibility, endurance, and strength.

  • Do warm-up exercises for 3-5 minutes. Lift and lower your shoulders for 10 seconds. Circle extended arms for 10 seconds.
  • Bring your shoulder blades behind you together for opening your chest. If possible, touch your hands behind your back. Ensure that your neck stays relaxed and your body posture remains lifted while you complete these movements.
  • March while remaining seated in your chair for one minute. Ensure that the spine remains long and tall during lowering and lifting alternating feet. Take a break for one minute.
  • Keep your arms in an L-shape on both sides. Ensure that your palms are facing forward. Now extend your arms completely over your head. Repeat this set 10 times, followed by one-minute rest.
  • Keep both your feet on the floor. Extend the right leg to keep it parallel to the floor. Lower this leg and repeat the same exercise with the left leg. Repeat this set 10 times, followed by one-minute rest.
  • Sit up tall and extend both arms with palms facing down in front of your chest. Pull back your elbows to bring them in line in front of your chest. Return to the starting position by extending the arms again. Repeat this set 10 times, followed by one-minute rest.
  • Relax by engaging in meditative, deep breathing for a few minutes. Take long and deep breaths for one minute and resume your normal breathing.

Fun Football Workout

If you are a football maniac, then you can pursue fun-football workouts. This workout is suitable for beginners and takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Begin by doing warm-up exercises. Take a wide leg stance and keep your legs slightly bent. Circle your arms completely around your body with a football in both hands. Do 3 circles on the right and then reverse the circle. Repeat the same on the left side.
  • Keep the football on the floor in your front. Take a wide-leg stance and keep your knees bent. Lift football to chest height while maintaining the legs in a squat position.

Ensure that your arms are extended in front during the upright position. Do this 10 times, followed by one-minute rest.

  • Keep the football in both hands and stand with your legs wide apart. Take a big step towards the right with your right foot and lunge deeply for touching the ball to the floor. Get back to the starting position. Repeat the same set with left legs. Repeat this 10 times, followed by rest.
  • Complete your fun-football workouts by doing stretching exercises in the end. You may use yoga mats on the floor for practising relaxing yoga postures.

App-Based online workouts at home

You may also use the smartphone or laptops for your workouts. There are some apps and websites that provide exclusive workout programs for beginners. Some fitness apps offer guided workouts for Android as well as iPhone users.

You can use wireless headphones and listen to the instructions while performing your workout programs of the apps. The online programs provide you with many workout programs based on your age and fitness levels.

Some programs are designed for developing the core strength while you play games on your smartphone. Some apps enable you to improve balance and coordination, while others help in building endurance and strength.

There are various smartwatches that provide guided workouts. Wear the smartwatch on your wrist and follow the videos for completing the exercises.

Useful tips for successful and effective home workout

  • Ensure to keep your safety the top-most priority while pursuing workout programs at home.
  • If you feel the need for a personal trainer for assistance, you can take a qualified professional’s services.
  • Ensure that you feel comfortable with your workout set-up, including environment, floor, and other components.
  • Use support in your upward or stretching movements if you feel uncomfortable doing it.
  • Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Begin slowly if you haven’t done any exercises for a long time. Set the small and easily achievable goals in the beginning.
  • As you get comfortable with your workout program and your fitness level improves, you should increase your workouts’ frequency and duration.
  • Add new varieties to your fitness routine periodically for staying motivated and avoiding boredom.
  • Ensure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated before and after your workout.
  • It’s normal to feel slight discomfort when you begin a new workout program. However, if you feel restless with increased heart rate and breathing, you should seek medical attention.


If you haven’t done workouts before, you would be tempted to start training soon. However, you should take it slowly in the beginning and develop the fitness level before trying higher or advanced level fitness programs.

As we have discussed in this article, there is a wide array of workout programs available for beginners. You can use any of these workouts to get your fitness journey started.

You can acquire a fitter and healthy physique by investing only a few minutes daily for your health.


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