Motorized treadmills

Here we provide a detailed guide to the best motorized treadmills from brands like Welcare, Powermax Fitness and Cockatoo.

Whether it is about keeping the blood pressure in level or staying fit by running, treadmills can help in living a better life with a fit and healthy today.

Running is one of the most common exercises prescribed by the doctors, but due to our hectic schedule and tiredness, we tend to skip it. Since staying fit and healthy needs exercising, advanced motorized treadmills are a beneficial inclusion at your home.

Gone are those days when only the high-end gyms had advanced high-end treadmills. With the range of choices available online with a varied price range, right these fitness equipment have taken a common space in our homes as well. These advanced fitness equipment have proven to become highly beneficial for the new generation. Whether you need a treadmill for running or jogging,  treadmills have a lot of advantages for the fitness concerned people.

Motorized treadmills as the name suggests has the internal motor installed in front of the equipment. The power provided by you for workout becomes highly productive.

You can set your own pace and burn the extra calories. Treadmills make it easy to complete your exercise staying at your home. Moreover, the digitized features of the treadmills ease in understanding your internal activities and ensure a healthier your every day.

With the advancement in technology, now you can find different brands are offering a range of motorized treadmills under budget. But how to understand which treadmill will serve the best for your purpose?

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But, before that let us understand the differences between a Manual and Motorised Treadmill.

Difference Between Manual treadmill and Motorised treadmill

Well, there are a lot of differences between the two but the basic difference is, manual or the non-motorized treadmill does not come with a motor, and you require pushing the belt on your own. The more pressure you put with your feet, the faster the belt will run.

On the other hand, a motorized one is something that has a powerful motor integrated into it, and you need to keep the pace with the speed of the belt. However, you have the freedom to choose the speed as per your body fitness.

Size of the equipment:

Both motorized and manual treadmill comes in different sizes. However, the counterparts of the manual treadmills are small and less sturdy than those of the motorized treadmills. The only reason is that the motorized ones have a strong motor integrated which makes it a little heavier than the manual equipment. The strong inner components of this fitness equipment make it a great choice for investment.

Storage And Portability:

Manual treadmills are lighter, but not every model has the folding treadmills, but with the motorized treadmills, you get vast options to choose from. Being integrated with a huge motor, these are heavier but then again with the integration of wheels; these are portable enough to transfer from one room to another. Furthermore, you get varied choices from folding and non-folding treadmills options as well.

Exercise Choices:

This is one of the pivotal needs, and undoubtedly motorized treadmills offer more options to the users. Manual treadmills do not come with a motor which makes it way too harder for the young and old people, whereas the motorized have the motor that runs the belt chosen at the desired speed by you, thereby ensuring a healthy lifestyle. With the motorized ones, you have no restrictions on the exercise options. Go for higher speed for an intense workout or a lower speed for a lesser intense session.


You definitely will never want to fall off and break off your bones; this is why safety features are a major necessity. Even when both the types have handrails on both the sides, but the motorized treadmills have a safety key in case of emergency. This tends to be highly valuable while you find your heart rate is pacing up or having breathing trouble. The machine will immediately stop once you push the button irrespective of the speed.


In the case of manual treadmills, you set the speed as there is no motor. Even when it uses more energy, it will make you tired due to putting off excessive energy at one point. This, as a result, does not let you go for the next intense exercise. On the other hand, a motorized treadmill gives you the freedom to choose your speed and run with the pace of the belt. By choosing the pace, you burn calories and get the zeal to go for more intense exercises.

Working of a Motorised Treadmill:

Treadmill working is perfect when described as the “principle of conversion”. The human being standing on a treadmill applies linear motion which rotates the wheels with the help of a robust motor mechanism and gear technology. Apart from the liner motion, electrical energy is also being utilized to run the motor. The prime framework of any treadmill comprises of the welded square pipes put together to create the external chassis.

The internal portion of the treadmill consists of two kinds of rollers one is made of steel and other with plastic. Both the rollers will follow a rolling pattern as soon as forward motion is provided on the belt present above the rollers. Huge sized rollers are integrated both at the rear and front end of the frame to offer pressure on the belt. This again is the prime factor that maintains proper grip between the rollers and the belt.

When a user moves straight on a treadmill, they apply a pressure which results in moving the belt in an anticlockwise direction (from the left). The rollers present inside, move in the same direction as the treadmill’s belt. These huge rollers are again equipped with gear system on either end.  

The bearing made on its inner portion of small gear ensures smooth rotation and frictionless move. Presence of pedestal bearing on the sides at the end rollers makes sure of smooth movement.

A small chassis is also present which extends from the main frame. It also comes with sub-assembly for proper mounting of pedestal bearings. Similarly, a hollow shaft is mounted which extends to the rear wheels. When the hollow shaft rotates, it results in moving the wheels in the same direction.

On the mid portion of the shaft lie the sprockets which are screwed and welded in a manner that the shaft does not shift from its position. Therefore when the larger gear shaft starts rotating in an anti-clock direction, the sprockets also rotate in a similar direction thereby causing the wheels to move in the desired motion.

Appealing Features of a Great Motorized Treadmill:

Robust Motor:

The motor is the heart of any treadmill and which brings the need for a sturdy motor inclusion. These motorized treadmills are mostly integrated with 3CHP thereby revealing the ability to help you exercise no matter how intense the sessions are. High horsepower ensures smooth running and exercising on these treadmills. Check out motorized treadmills for serious runners

Great Belt Quality:

The running belts are woven with polyester satin and topped with PVC satin surface to ensure the anti-slip quality. These belts have 48 x 17 inches of the running surface thereby ensuring no slip and trip during a workout.

Speed Range:

Speed is one of the most searched aspects when it comes to buying a treadmill. Keeping in mind the requirements of the people, these treadmills have a diverse speed range of 5-12mph. When elevated keeping the speed same, the result acquired is highly intense and satisfying.

Great Design:

Even when the core necessity of this equipment is to get you into shape and maintain a fit and healthy you, we all seek for a better design. These treadmills have appealing designs which correctly set with your interior design.

Incline Ability:

Considering the needs of people, these treadmills are being designed in a manner that increases the opportunity to adjust the elevation range and work harder for better results. The appreciable inclination of these treadmills ensures an intense workout by pushing your limits a little higher every time.


No matter how robust the motor is or how robust the framework is, there is always a chance of failing. Even when these are integrated with top features, the warranty is the first thing you need to look for.

Weight Capability:

Different makes and models have a varied range of weight. To make these versatile, most of the treadmills have a weight capacity of 115 kg. With such a diverse weight capacity, the motorized treadmills have become a great addition.

Top-Notch Shock Absorption:    

To reduce the impact on your body, the treadmills are included with a good shock absorption technology. These are being thoroughly checked before sending them to you. This becomes highly beneficial in reducing the stress and strain on joints like knees, lower back, and ankles.

A range of Preset Programs:

The advanced motorized treadmills have been integrated with a variety of preset programs which can guide you throughout. These programs are gradually set by the top trainers to help you push your limit and attain your goal.

Advanced Technology:

The motorized treadmills available in the market are integrated with some of the advanced and beneficial features like iPad holder, Bluetooth and internet connectivity, bottle holder, USB and AUX input and much more. The reason for such integration is to keep you motivated throughout the workout session.

What Are The Benefits of Motorised Treadmills?

There are several advantages of owning a motorized treadmill and which is why both the commercial and residential areas opt for this type. Let us find out some of the major pros of these treadmills.


The treadmills are extremely very convenient. When you have one such motorized treadmills, you can keep yourself fit and healthy without moving out. Therefore no matter how hectic your schedule is, these treadmills will always make time to take care of your physique.

Incline and Speed Adjustment:

Safety is the prime concern of people and which is why you need to adjust the speed and incline accordingly. Not only you can adjust prior and post the workout, but also you can adjust while exercising on the treadmills. Moreover, there are some models available in the market that have the downhill features integrated.

User-friendly Display:

Since people of different age groups use this equipment, the display is designed in a user-friendly manner. This becomes highly beneficial in getting complete knowledge on the inner health conditions. You can find everything in details.

Advanced Workout Features:

With the advancement in technology, the latest motorized treadmills are packing some of the highly advanced workout programs in their systems keeping the price tags much lower. You can easily find the best treadmills between 35000 to 50000. These often work with several apps to make it even more interesting and motivating for people.

Cushioned Deck Features:

While working out on the treadmill, you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Just the way you choose the shoe checking the bottom sole, treadmills are designed with cushioned deck to cast a lesser impact on your body. This even prevents from getting joint injuries.

Great for longer sessions:

These treadmills are suitable for the longer session in comparison to the other types. Since you have control with you, you can make the workout sessions as per your requirements. When longer endurance sessions are your need, motorized treadmills can be a great addition.

Apt for running and walking:

All the treadmills are designed for running as well as a walking treadmill, but the motorized treadmills tend to proffer better experience due to the excellent belt length and motor power. Its robust structure can accommodate any walkers and runners.

Frequently Asked Questions While Purchasing a Motorised Treadmill:

1. Why should I consider CHP and not HP?

This is one of the most common doubts among the buyers. The term CHP denotes Continuous Horsepower, and HP refers to Horsepower. When a treadmill has more CHP, it reveals the performance of the treadmill while doing the high-end exercise. Greater CHP is better than greater HP.

2. What is the need for a longer running deck?

It is always recommended to opt for a larger running deck because it ensures comfortable running and jogging. If you are tall, the strides will be larger and hence if the deck is short the chances of meeting with an accident is much more. This is the reason why to stay in the safer zone opt for a larger running deck.

3. Are these treadmills good for the competitive runner?

It is always advised to check the speed range if you are a pro athlete. Since you will look for more speed, the treadmill needs to match your needs properly. However, treadmills can serve best when it about muscle building than helping to become a pro runner.

4. How frequently can I use the treadmill?

The treadmills are designed in a manner to serve your daily purpose. However, it is mostly recommended by experts to use for 150 minutes a week while performing intense exercise. You can either opt for 30 minutes per day for five days in a week or can distribute as per your body or fitness need.

5. Do these treadmills burn and show my body fat?

When you are buying a treadmill; you have a goal to achieve. Please be informed that the prime work of any treadmill is to burn your body fat and therefore, yes these treadmills will. Coming to the body fat percentage, yes, you can know when you buy the advanced models. You can get every detail that you are looking for in the higher end advanced treadmill models.

6. How long do I need to run to lose my weight?

You have to keep running without thinking about the result in the first few weeks. It is safe to run for half an hour at five mph every day. In research, it has been observed that a person of 125-pound can burn 240 calories and a person with 185-pound can burn 355 calories. You can find effective results especially on the visceral fat which lies beneath the stomach muscles. If you want to lose weight faster check out this weight losing machines

7. Are motorized treadmills apt for an intense workout?

Whether it is an intense workout or a normal workout session, these motorized treadmills are being designed in a manner that it can easily satisfy your needs. Furthermore, it is said that motorized treadmills are great to achieve your goals by performing the intense workout and serious running within a very less period.

8. How to maintain the treadmills?

Well, you don’t have to be a pro or call an engineer for this, as routine cleaning and dusting will do. Make sure you don’t let dust accumulate on the treadmill by weekly cleaning and dusting. And for the safety purpose, consider tightening the screws, cleaning and lubricating the motor components once in a month. Even when the salesperson will advice regular maintenance, weekly cleaning can offer similar to better results.

9. Should I follow the preset programs or my trainer’s word?

The answer lies with you. If you feel that your trainer knows you better and can offer productive result, then definitely trainer is a great choice. But these preset programs are again a great choice as these are chosen by some of the best trainers of this industry. Moreover, as not everyone has a trainer, the preset programs tend to be a great addition for them.


When it comes to keeping yourself fit and healthy, you need to buy a motorized treadmill. With such a range of features available for a comfortable and intense workout, these fitness equipment have become a must-have in today’s everyday lifestyle. Moreover, these are available in a competitive price range compared to its offering of a wide range of features. As we all are looking for a faster result without facing the outside hassles, treadmills are the profitable inclusion at your residential space. Just make sure to choose precisely as per your purpose to acquire the best results from exercising.

Once you make a proper purchase, no longer you need to rush to the gym every morning. Just wear your shoes, step on the treadmill and ready to say goodbye to the extra calories and welcome a healthier version of you.


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