Top Punching Bags

A punching bag is a sturdy object made from a variety of materials exclusively to get punched. It has been a way to train fighters for many many centuries. In the modern world, punching bags come in a host of different sizes, shapes and are made from many types of raw material for each and every type of training and fighting. If you are a beginner then you can start with dumbells, Therabands or Pull-up Bars and then move to punching bags.

They are one of the primary equipment found in gyms today, and hence there is no question about their popularity. To match the popularity, there is a wide range of products, in every price bracket and of different quality. It’s easier not to find a punching bag online, offering users a variety to choose from. Here are a few pieces that will make it easier for you to purchase a punching bag.

This article will provide you with types of a punching bag, why they are needed? how they are made? And a buyers guide. We have also mentioned our Top 8 recommendations to help you choose the right one.

Top Punching Bags in India

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best heavy hanging punching bag
Biggest Bag on this List
Best Bag for beginners
Best uppercut punching bag
Best Puncing Bag for kids
Best Premium punching bag
Best Freestanding bag for kids
Best unfilled punching bag

Why Punching Bags are Needed

Fitness and strength

In the modern world, we can see unfit people all around us. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the lack of activity in day-to-day life. Punching bags can be hanged around the house and can be a fun workout unlike cardio training and weight lifting. Also, research has proven that punching heavy objects can give you a toned body, unlike cardio exercises.

Stress Relief

Again, most people nowadays are working jobs that cause high stress or life, in general, has become more stressful. Punching a bag can provide a way to control all the stress and control, and the act of punching gives your blood a dash of dopamine, the feel-good hormone released by our body.

Self Defence and Confidence

If you live in a big metropolitan city like most young people, you would know that crime rates have been rising through the roof in these areas. Training with a punching bag can help in warding off potential attacks especially for women. They also help in increasing confidence in one’s own ability to take on rough and tough situations

Improve Balance Coordination and concentration

This might seem like a thing which is not needed for you. But punching and boxing are one of the best exercises for balance, coordination, and concentration. It means a lower risk of falling and injuring yourself. This becomes even more important as you start growing older.

Low cost

Punching bags are an one time investment. A decent punching bag can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Also, due to aggressive competition between companies, costs have come down a lot in recent times. This serves as an advantage that every fitness freak should take advantage of.

Quick and easy

Unlike Running, Cycling or swimming, boxing won’t take hours to complete, as the intensity of the workout is higher. Also, no formal training is needed to box unless you want to become a professional boxer. All these factors make boxing a quick and easy workout

How Punching Bags are Made

Just like any other mass manufactured product, punching bags are also made from a rigorous and planned process. It starts with manufacturing the leather if it is a leather bag. Goatskin is usually used due to more availability these days but kangaroo skin is considered to produce the best leather for punching bags. After the tanning of leather is done. The designing process starts. If the bag is made from vinyl or canvas, designing is the first step after procurement of raw materials. Paper patterns of the different panels that will come together are drawn and placed on the casing material to cut them out using a metal die.

Once all the panels are made and cut out, they are stitched together with the top left open for the filling. The stitches are done through strong threads like nylon threads or polyester threads so that they don’t tear easily. The partly finished bag is kept on a sleeve, attached to a hopper to support it while being filled. The filling is usually sawdust, water, sand, fabric or compressed air in some cases. The top portion which was left open during filling is closed using the material used for casing(leather, vinyl, canvas). Torus, which is nothing but tubing is added so that zippers or laces can be added on top. The torus also supports hooks for hanging in some types of bags.

Types of Punching Bags

As stated earlier, punching bags come in many varieties. Let’s look at all the types that are predominant these days.

Heavy Bags




As the name suggests, freestanding heavy bags are not suspended from a wall or ceiling like traditional heavy bags. Most of them also have wheels to make them as portable as possible. They are very versatile and are good for both kicking and punching exercises. Due to this ability, they are usually preferred by beginners in every type of martial arts.

Compared to other types of punching bags, freestanding bags are not as stable or strong. This is an advantage as it improves a person’s strength training practice. Even heavy bags are available in various varieties based on the material used to fill the bags, type of suspension, durability, purpose etc.

 Hanging bags

Hanging bags are the most common type of punching bags as they save a lot of space and are quite versatile too but are generally preferred for punching workouts more than kicking workouts. They are used for muscle toning and improving muscle definition. They are suspended using a strong suspender from a wall or ceiling and are a must in every gym these days.

 Angled bags

Angled bags are the improvised version of a hanging bag as they have the same functionality. However, where they differ is that angled bags have a slant surface to make it easier for users to practice uppercuts, which is not easy in a hanging or freestanding bag. It can also be used for other common purposes too.

Kickboxing bags

The kickboxing bags have a peculiar shape and are different than other punching bags. They are incredibly thin and long when compared to other bags. This allows the user to practice kicks effectively while giving the instability and strength that freestanding bags fail to offer.

Upper Cut Bags

Uppercut bags are the smaller version of the angled heavy bags. They are only used for uppercut practice and generally, the angle of the slant surface is greater in uppercut bags.

They are mounted horizontally on walls instead of ceilings like in angled heavy bags. This means they also require a bit more space than an average punching bag.

Speed Bags

Speed bags are one of the smallest punching bags around. They are also the lightest as they are filled with air instead of water, sand or fabric like other punching bags. The whole point of speed bags is to not improve strength but to improve the agility and hand-eye coordination of the trainee.

Due to the lightness in weight, the bag bounces back towards the user at high speed when hit and this is how it improves agility and other key aspects.


The traditional type of punching bag is quite similar to the speed bag in form and function. It is usually as big as a basketball and is also filled with air. It is believed to have generated in Mexico and hence is called as a Mexican bag sometimes.

The main difference between other punching bags and the Mexican bag is the suspension. It is fixed to the floor as well as the ceiling through elastic bands. This means that when hit, it bounces back and the direction of the relapse is unknown due to the double suspension. This helps in increasing the coordination, agility, decision-making etc of the user.


The teardrop punching bag has been developed to improve a person’s accuracy, pace, timing etc. As the name indicates, it is shaped like a teardrop and swings a lot due to the low weight. The main utility of a teardrop bag is to practice close range punches. It is not versatile at all, as it cannot be used for kicking and other types of punches.

Buyer’s Guide For Punching Bags


As seen in the section about types of bags, punching bags come in a variety of shapes and each is suitable for a different purpose or training size. So a buyer should always think about his primary requirement before buying. If you want versatility, buy a freestanding bag. If you want to practice punching, an angled or uppercut bag would be good. If you want to practice kicking, then the kickboxing bag would suffice.

Size and Weight

The size of the bag is another major deciding factor when it comes to buying a punching bag. The resistance offered by a bag is directly dependent on the size of the bag. A beginner should always consider buying a smaller bag as it requires less force. Using a bag that is disproportionate to your size and ability may lead to injuries.

Materials Used

As we already know, punching bags are made from a long list of materials. However, the main materials to look at before buying one are the material used for the casing and the filling used. Leather bags are fancier and cost more while canvas and vinyl are less expensive but also lower in quality.

The filling is important because of the impact it has on your hands when punching. A hard-punching bag made from fiber will be very stiff and has more impact on your bones and muscles. A soft fill, like ones filled with air, have less impact and a water-filled bag will be the closest in nature to a human body.

Filled and Unfilled

Talking about the filling and its impact, nowadays, more and more manufacturers are giving you the option of deciding the filling by just giving a punching bag with a casing and zippers. You can make the bag hard-filled, soft-filled or water-filled based on your choice. Un-filled bags are also cheaper compared to filled bags due to a low cost of production.

Suspension Method

Suspension method is also one of the main things to consider before buying a punching bag. A potential buyer should look at the amount of space he has before choosing the type of suspension. A heavy hanging bag is the most space efficient while an uppercut bag will occupy more space. If the bag needs to be as portable as possible, then a freestanding bag should be bought.

Safety consideration

As we already know, Punching bags come in different sizes and shapes. Everyone has a preference for the size of the punching bag based on their own height, weight, strength, and level of training. It is not a good idea to get the biggest bag possible and work out; it is not a good idea. There is a very serious chance that aspiring athletes may hurt them self by trying to take on a punching bag which is way beyond their capacity. So, always, safety should be the first priority


As with every big product, even punching bags have accessories that come along with it. They are generally used to increase the usability of the punching bag. Some of them are heavy duty suspension springs, punching bag covers or sleeves, anchor bags, and counters.

Sometimes, the suspension chain that comes with the bag may not be of top quality, in those circumstances, it is better to buy a 3rd party suspension method. When bags are stored for a long duration, they might accumulate dust and molds, to prevent this, sleeves and covers are used.  Anchors and counters are accessories that help in stabilizing a punching bag so that it doesn’t move around too much after being hit. They are mainly used for heavy bags.

Quality and Firmness

Just like every other product available, quality is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind before buying a punching bag. As a general rule, products whose cost is on the higher side and are from very big companies tend to have the best quality.

Firmness is one of the main measures of quality for a punching bag. It has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your workout. For filled bags, there is no real way to confirm the firmness without punching it, but for unfilled bags, it is dependent on the buyer on what material he fills it with and how well it is filled. To ensure maximum firmness, it should be filled by a person with experience.

1. Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag – Best heavy hanging punching bag

Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag
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Aurion is an Indian company that is known for manufacturing and selling sports goods of all kind. The brand was established in 2007, and since then, they have been providing quality products for Indian consumers and also exporting many items to various countries based on demand. The most popular products that Aurion manufactures are cricket, hockey, football, boxing, fitness, and skating equipment.

Looking at their online presence, they are the leaders when it comes to boxing and fitness equipment in India. Aurion products will always be on the top of the best selling lists on Amazon India when you search for punching bags. In that, the synthetic leather bag is the most widely bought due to the versatility it presents.

Main Features
  • The outer casing of the Aurion punching bag is made of synthetic leather to ensure maximum durability. 
  • The size of the Aurion punching bag is 48 inches in length. It’s a universal size for heavy bags and is the most widely used size in training by professionals
  • The width of the boxing bag is 18 inches, which means it is quite fat in nature and suited more for seasoned boxers. However, even beginners can use it for practice if need be.
  • Aurion is providing hanging chains inside the box. The chains provided are obviously made from very strong materials like steel to withstand all the pulls.
  •  As a complimentary, boxing hand wraps are also included inside the package and can be useful during gyming and practice sessions.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Aurion has been around for 10 years now and almost all their products are of very high quality. So when buying something like this, you can always be confident about the quality.
  •  The synthetic leather casing is one of the better casings available for punching bags and has the least disadvantages compared to other casings.
  • The gesture of including free boxing hand wraps is a nice one and won’t be given by most other manufacturers.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The width of 18 inches might be a bit daunting for many beginners and so it is only restricted to professionals.
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2. Everlast 100-pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag – Biggest Bag on this List

Everlast 100-pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag
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Everlast is a company that is known worldwide these days. Everlast punching bag instantly rings a bell in the minds of everyone who are enthusiastic about boxing as a sport and activity. Everlast even sponsors some of the best boxers of modern times, so it’s no surprise that one of its products is making this list. Everlast revolutionized the boxing world by making subtle changes to equipment and improving them, most notably the boxing shorts.

The C3 in the name of this Bag stands for contoured closed cell technology. Since it is one of the biggest bag sizes available, the proportions and contouring need to be perfect to maintain balance, hence C3 technology is adopted.

Main Features
  • The weight of the bag is 100 pounds, making it one of the heaviest around
  • Everlast uses a special filling that is a combination of synthetic and natural fibers along with sand
  • The C3 Technology helps in dispersing the force equal on every inch of the surface and gives it balance
  • The straps and shell is made from durable material, so the longevity of the bag is increased
PROS (What we liked)
  • Extra pads on the surface, which acts as a shell and gives more protection to bag as well as the user
  • One of the biggest available sizes in punching bags, making it apt for professionals
  • This bag is made from very durable materials ensuring quality and longevity
  • Good value for money when compared to other bags from premium manufacturers
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • After a few years, the filling will start to sink and collect at the bottom. At this point, it will have to be refilled, which may cost some money
  • The bag might be too heavy for people who are not well trained
  • Although the value for money proposition is good, it still might be too costly for beginners who want to try boxing
  • The strap length cannot be adjusted, so the length will be the same for users of all height
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3. Century Tidalwave Hydrocore – Best Bag for beginners

Century Tidalwave Hydrocore
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Just like Everlast, even century is a company with a very good brand name and history. They are 1 of the leading manufacturers of martial arts equipment in the world today. It was founded in 1976 in a garage with 1 man workforce. Today, it is present in multiple locations around the world and employs thousands of people.  This astronomical rise in popularity has been mainly due to stellar innovations that have improved the martial arts world. The one clear advantage century has, is that it is owned and operated by martial artists who share a passion for the sport just their customers. This helps in identifying user needs easily.

The particular product that we are reviewing here is the century hydroxide tidalwave. It is a one of kind product on this list as it is water filled. This punching bag filling is of water and it has its own benefits.

Main Features
  • The bag is 52 inches in length, 14.5 inches in width and height. This makes it quite small and that’s why it should be the preferred bag for beginners to learn boxing
  • The make the hanging of the bag as perfect as possible, the century has given it three support systems. One is the standard web straps, sturdy steel chains and a D-ring
  • It weighs only 7.7 kgs, making it perfect for amateurs
  • Since the human body is also predominantly made of water, using a water bag like this gives a realistic feeling of boxing
  • To ensure the safety of the user, a vinyl and foam layer is installed to reduce impact on hitting it
PROS (What we liked)
  • The water filled technology gives a real life feel while hitting
  • The 3 kinds of hanging chains ensure it won’t buckle under its own weight
  • The vinyl and foam layers make it safe to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Since it is quite small in size and weight, it can’t be preferred for professionals who have been boxing for a long time
  • The cost of the bag is quite expensive in an Indian context
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4. Ringside Uppercut Bag – Best uppercut punching bag

Ringside Uppercut Bag
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Over the years, Ringside has established itself as one of the top boxing equipment manufacturers in the world. While most other companies have a wide range of products in every sports and fitness related fields, Ringside has solely concentrated only on the boxing side of things to produce the best possible quality for the niche. However, like most other brands on this list, Ringside also prides itself in providing the best quality equipment at the best possible price.

Some of the boxing related stuff that Ringside produces are headgear, trunks, competition apparel,  bag gloves etc. But where they mostly focus is on boxing gloves and punching bags. They use new technology and R&D like IMF, gel shock, and dome air along with old-school craftsmanship to produce the best quality goods. Even when it comes to punching bags, Ringside emphasize using the right bag for the right occasion to get the best results. They produce almost every type of bag that is used by boxers.

In India too, they sell almost every type of bag in their portfolio, but according to user ratings and price, the uppercut bag they produce is the highest selling and best uppercut bag available for the price. Here is some basic information about it and the pros, cons it comes with.

Main Features
  • Since it is a bag made for practicing uppercuts, the width of the bag is much larger than traditional heavy bags and it is to be placed horizontally at a height higher than other punching bags to allow the user to strike it from the bottom
  • The bag is made for people who are hand orientation is right sided. But this doesn’t mean that left-handers can’t use it at all
  • The bag is 43 inches in height and 14 inches in both length and width, making it almost the perfect bag for uppercuts in terms of dimensions
  • Below the leather coating, the company has provided a foam padding of 1 inch to reduce the impact on hands and joints
  •  The bag is unfilled during delivery but can be filled with a material of the user’s choice
PROS (What we liked)
  • The foam layer is a nice addition to prevent injuries for the user
  • The proportions, size, and shape of the bag are perfect for uppercut practice
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The bag is unfilled, so the user has to bear the additional cost of filling it.
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5. Sportsoul Kids Boxing Set – Best Puncing Bag for kids

Sportsoul Kids Boxing Set
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Compared to most other brands on the list, Sportsoul has to be one of the smallest in size. The popularity of this brand is also not that high compared to giants like Everlast, Ringside or Century. They are a small company based in Delhi, that manufacture not only martial arts equipment but a whole range of sports equipment and apparel for a variety of sports. They have their presence on almost all online channels present in India, making them easily available.

The particular product being reviewed here is from their kid’s range. This punching bag for kids is one of the highest selling products in its category on Amazon and has rave reviews. The added advantage is that it is a complete set, rather than a single punching bag. There is no need to make separate purchases of gloves and safety equipment as it is already provided along with the punching bag.

Main Features
  • The bag is of a size, that makes it ideal for kids aged between 4 and 7. Consumers should be aware that this product would not be suitable for anyone above the age of 7
  • The company claims that it is an ideal gift for a child if parents are inclined to set them on a journey of fitness
  • The box consists of 1 punching bag, 1 pair of boxing gloves and 1 helmet
  • The punching bag is 17 inches is the length and is filled with soft foam as any filling harder than that will be too hard to handle for kids
  • The punching bag is primarily made of PVC on the outer side with a zipper on top in case it has to be refilled
  • The gloves weigh 6 ounces each and will provide adequate protection to the soft hands of a child when boxing
  • The boxing gloves and helmet are made of nylon to give it a sturdy and untearable feel
  • The hanging mechanism only consists of a D-ring as the bag is not that heavy or large
  • The straps for the gloves and helmet are made of velcro
PROS (What we liked)
  • The addition of boxing gloves and helmet to the set is very commendable
  • The value for money proposition of the product is very high
  • The bag is very safe for kids as it’s filling is very soft
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The hanging mechanism could have been improved by adding another type of support like a chain or strap
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6. Outslayer 80 lb Punching bag – Best Premium punching bag

Outslayer 80 lb Punching bag
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As the headline indicates, the outslayer 80 lb bag is by far the most premium and costly bag on this list. However, the company has every right to demand such a price for the product due to the immense quality that it is going to offer. No other product on this list can even come close in terms of quality.

Outslayer is an American brand based in Los Angeles, California. Unlike other brands which localize production in each country they do business in, outslayer produces all its goods in America itself so that they can keep an eye on the quality. The array of products that the company offers is also huge and that is one of the main reasons for its popularity among the elite. All outslayer products also come with a whopping 10-year warranty which increases even more for certain products. This is almost unprecedented compared to other brands.

The product we have here on the list also ships with punching bag gloves, jump rope and hand wraps, which are nice additions and are not usually provided with other punching bags. Here is a list of all its features, pros, and cons that you might be concerned with

Main Features
  • The bag comes with a pair of hand gloves, bag gloves, and jump rope to complete the whole set of boxing equipment you might need to learn and practice.
  •  The company promises to replace the bag with a new one in case it undergoes any type of damage in 10 years, free of cost if the damage hasn’t occurred due to sharp objects or due to exposure to harsh weather conditions
  • The bag weighs 80 pounds and is 44 inches in length.
  • The outer layer is made from high-quality American vinyl to give maximum strength. Depending on the filling used, it can be made as heavy as 300 pounds
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is by far the punching bag with the highest quality on this list
  • The after sales service is always top notch
  • 10-year replaceable warranty is unprecedented
  • Can be made to weigh as much as 300 pounds upon filling
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Should have been filled with some material at this price point and company should have provided the option to remove the filling and use the desired one.
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7. Century Kid Kick Wavemaster – Best Freestanding bag for kids

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
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Just like the previous product on this list, even this product comes from an American manufacturer that is well-known throughout the world. Century has been a pioneer in punching bag manufacturing for much of the 21st century and has sponsored many athletes at the peak of their game. They also pioneered the idea of launching a kid line to ensure young people get to hone their boxing skills at a ruminative age.

The kid kick wavemaster from their kid line is one of the highest selling products in its niche, here in India, as it is very versatile and can be used to practice almost every type of popular martial arts and boxing.  The bag also comes in funky colors so that kids take a liking to it.  Here is everything you would need to know before buying this product for your child.

Main Features
  • The kid kick Wavemaster has been designed especially for children and will be the right product to begin their venture into the world of boxing and martial arts
  • The other USP of this product is that the height can be adjusted to suit the height of the children. Each child is different and will be unique in height and hence this feature is very important as the longevity of the product is increased. The range varies from 37-52 inches and even the child can adjust it
  • To ensure the progress of the kid is not hindered, the outer casing is made from soft nylon rather than more rigid leather. The inner layer is also filled with foam to make it as soft as possible
PROS (What we liked)
  • Utmost care has been taken to make sure the bag is made from less rigid materials to avoid injury
  • The height adjustment is a boon and ensures kids of all ages and heights can use it unlike other kid focussed punching bags
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is unfilled in nature, which means the consumer has to undertake extra costs to fill it
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8. CSI Heavy Unfilled Punching Bag – Best unfilled punching bag

CSI Heavy Unfilled Punching Bag
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When it comes to small manufacturers, it doesn’t get any smaller than CSI. They are an Indian manufacturer who has a meager online presence and mostly sell through offline channels. However, this doesn’t make their products any less capable in terms of quality. The particular product that we are reviewing here is one of the most common punching bags that you will find in India due to the large availability in offline channels.

The punching bag is unique on this list due to the fact that it is made from SRF material rather than traditional materials like leather, vinyl or nylon. This process helps in keeping costs to the minimum but also ensures there is just a little drop in durability and quality.

SRF is a synthetic coated polymer. The polyester or nylon is mixed with high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to obtain the required quality, texture, and strength. The unique adhesive used to bind them together ensures no compromise in physical parameters.  Here is the essential information about the unfilled heavy bag from the house of CSI

Main Features
  • The punching bag is made from SRF and as explained above, it helps in keeping costs down while not compromising on quality too much
  • The product is available in various colors to please the varied tastes of the customers
  • The punching bag is completely made in India and made individually from hand to ensure the quality of each individual product
  • Another different aspect of the bag is the hanging style. It has 2 straps with chains inside, instead of 4 separate chains
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is hand-made unlike other bags which are mass-produced, this marginally increases the quality
  • The chain comes pre-attached, so it is easy to install
  • Quite economical in nature
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The brand is less known and after -sales service is almost non-existent
  • The SFR material used is slightly lower in quality
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So that was a very comprehensive post about everything you would need to know before buying a punching bag for yourself, here in India. As you would have already noticed, there is a punching bag for every type of requirement based on the style of usage, cost or audience. So, it is easy to get confused.

If you have a very big budget and are willing to spend anything for the perfect punching bag, then, the Outslayer 80 lb bag is the way to go. On the contrary, if you are not about making a hole in the pocket, then the Aurion unfilled punching bag is the one for you. If you are buying it for your kid, then the Century Kid Kickmaster is the one. The all-rounder on this list, which can be used by anyone for anything, is the Aurion synthetic leather punching bag it is at the top of the list.

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