What Is EDS In Kitchen Chimney and Its Benefits

A kitchen chimney is one of the most important and must-have kitchen appliances in your home. It absorbs smoke and fumes from your kitchen hence making it clean and free of gaseous wastes. 

Looking for a new and best kitchen chimney for your kitchen needs? 

Well, there are several factors you’ll need to consider, which include filters, ducting, and size. 

Most of the modern kitchen chimneys feature the Elica-patented filter technology known as EDS. 

This article will explain what EDS means and what are some of its benefits. 

What is EDS?

Elica Deep Silence, famously known as EDS, is a technology patented by a world-renowned manufacturer, Elica

These chimneys are designed to filter out or eliminate noise and other chaos of the air. 

What’s even better is the fact that this feature brings silence (up to 70% noise reduction) to your cooking hood without compromising the performance.

EDS chimneys also come with another feature to make the cleaning process a lot easier. They come fitted with Tornadic Suction that can rotate at 360° and an excellent airflow rate. 

You’re still not sure whether to install Elica Kitchen Chimney

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with EDS kitchen chimneys. 

Advantages of EDS Kitchen Chimneys

With several options currently in the market, you might be wondering why chimneys featuring the Elica-patented technology are the best for you. 

Well, the benefits range from noise reduction to an enhanced cleaning process. Read on to find out more.

Silence in the kitchen 

A kitchen full of noise can be quite destructive sometimes, especially when you want to concentrate on that new recipe. 

The Elica-patented technology absorbs and eliminates most of the noise, hence bringing near-total silence to your cooking space. 

The best thing about this chimney is the fact that the noiseless suction does not impact its performance. 

It will still free your kitchen of fumes and smoke from cooking on the gas stove quite effectively and keep your kitchen clean.

The Tornadic Suction

One feature that puts this chimney up there among the best in its suction. Despite being silent, this kitchen chimney has a very high suction power. 

With a suction rate of about 1300 cubic meters per hour and an airflow rate of 1010 cubic meters, you can be sure of quality output from this appliance. 


Lack of an effective chimney can have serious repercussions not only on your kitchen but also on your health. 

EDS chimneys are designed to provide you with powerful suction while reducing the amount of noise in your kitchen. 

As such, your cooking experience will be greatly transformed by the introduction of Elica-patented technology. 

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