What is Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney and How It Works?

If your kitchen is full of fumes and smoke, the first thing to look at is the chimney. The main purpose of a kitchen chimney is to ensure that your cooking space is free from these gaseous waste. 

It keeps your kitchen clean, but the cleaning process of a kitchen chimney can be quite tedious. 

But what if there was a way your kitchen chimney could get rid of dirt and other waste particles without human intervention? Well, that is exactly what modern appliances offer users. 

So, what is an auto clean kitchen chimney, and how does it operate? Read on to find out more about this subject.

What is Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney?

As you cook on the gas stove, several waste particles are emitted in the process like the oil particles. The kitchen chimneys are equipped to collect this waste throughout your cooking time. 

Of course, getting rid of such waste products manually is one of the most tedious tasks.

The auto clean kitchen chimney is a modernized chimney appliance. 

In addition to the traditional operation – which is the collection of fumes – it automatically cleans itself and gets rid of the waste. 

So, how does it operate? Let’s have a look. 

How Does Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney Work?

Among several important parts of this appliance is a non-stick turbine blower. 

Non-stick, in this case, means it is designed not to allow the gaseous particles to stick to its surface. This feature, therefore, enhances the overall performance of the chimney.

All fumes from your cooking space collect and go through the turbine blower. To trigger the auto-clean feature, all you need is to press one button. 

The oil particles, for instance, will be subjected to centrifugal forces hence being moved towards the blower’s wall and also collected in special bowls. 

These collector bowels are designed for easy removal. As such, you can detach and clean them at least once every month to maintain optimum performance. 

Of course, how frequently you wash will depend on their usage every month. 

You will enjoy several benefits once you have this type of chimney installed in your kitchen. 

For one, the collection of the oil and grease particles ensures that the suction power of your chimney is not affected negatively. 

The non-stick aluminum turbines, as earlier stated, prevents clogging of wastes.

The feature also ensures that the chimney’s filter is free of waste particles. 

As such, you won’t need to frequently wash the filter, hence drastically reducing the need for maintenance. In addition, its internal parts will have a longer lifespan than those of traditional chimneys.


Cleaning your kitchen is more than just wiping the furniture, ovens, and counters. You also need to take care of its atmosphere, and the kitchen chimney does that for you. 

The auto-clean feature in most modern kitchen chimneys has reduced the need for manual cleaning of this appliance.

Auto clean kitchen chimneys are designed to automatically get rid of oil particles, you still need to clean the collector bowels. 

The frequency of doing this will largely depend on how often you cook. There are several kitchen chimney brands in the market, and you can try one of them and make your kitchen even more presentable than before.


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