Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

The kitchen chimney is one of the most essential kitchen appliances required for every kitchen today. If you are in the process of sourcing your kitchen chimney, there are many reliable brands in the industry. Finding the best Kitchen Chimney brands could prove to be time-consuming and a tedious process. 

Screening all the brands in the industry may not be a workable approach for most customers because everyone is hard-pressed for time and it is certainly not possible for everyone to invest that kind of time to review all the brands before picking a befitting brand.

Not everyone is knowledgeable with regard to what to look for in a good kitchen chimney brand. If these are your concerns too, we have simplified things here by shortlisting some of the best kitchen chimney brands in India. 

Top Kitchen Chimney Brands in India


Faber kitchen chimneys are one of the highest-selling chimneys in India. This is an Italian brand with global recognition and it has found its way into thousands of Indian kitchens too. Faber comes with several decades of experience and a large inventory of chimneys that are suitable for the Indian kitchens.

Over the years Faber has perfected its kitchen chimney design as well as technology. As an experienced brand, Faber understands its customer requirements better than any other brand in the industry. 

Faber USP

  • The brand features low maintenance kitchen chimneys
  • Low noise kitchen chimneys are available 
  • Motion sensor and gesture control available in select models
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Hindware is an industry leader when it comes to kitchen chimneys. Hindware is an Indian brand with a vast experience in the kitchen appliances segment.

Hindware chimneys are highly sought after in India for its quality and for its durability. Hindware features a large range of kitchen chimneys ranging from entry-level models to high-end chimneys. This brand boasts of its futuristic designs and its advanced technology. 

Hindware USP

  • IoT (Internet of Things) enabled kitchen chimney models that could be controlled from anywhere. 
  • All the most popular hood styles including but not limited to Auto Clean hoods, Island hoods, Designer hoods, Decorative hoods, and straight-line hoods are available to match all kitchen sizes.
  • Kitchen chimneys with motion sensor 
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Elica is a fairly new company when compared to the other leading brands in the country. Elica is another India kitchen chimney brand and this brand easily gets into the list of top five best kitchen chimney brands in India even though this brand was established only in 2010.

Unlike the other Indian kitchen chimney brands, Elica tries to position itself as a premium brand and along those lines, the brand features kitchen chimneys of exceptional quality and impressive design that justifies its prices. 

Elica USP

  • Decorative hanging chimneys
  • Low noise chimneys
  • Filterless models that are of low maintenance nature
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Sunflame is one of the leading brands in the country and it is one of the fastest-growing brands in the kitchen appliances segment and in particular Sunflame kitchen chimneys are becoming increasingly popular in India because of its low prices.

Despite its competitive pricing, the brand offers outstanding value for money which makes more and more people opt for this brand. The brand is constantly upgrading its designs and also its technology to meet the increasing competition in the kitchen chimneys segment. 

Sunflame USP

  • Very competitive price, entry-level models start from INR 5000
  • Kitchen chimneys with the auto-clean feature available in select models
  • Heavy-duty suction motors for oily Indian cooking
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Prestige kitchen chimneys are recently becoming increasingly popular. This brand had been a low profiled player as far as kitchen chimneys were concerned.

However, recently, the brand has been focusing on increasing its market share in the kitchen chimneys segment too. The brand has started focusing on improving its design so that the product stands out for the rest of the competition. 

Added to that, in order to provide many options to its customers, the brand has been focusing on launching many new models. You are therefore not going to be disappointed with Prestige kitchen chimneys.

Prestige USP

  • Outstanding kitchen chimney designs for modern kitchens
  • The brand features low maintenance, filterless kitchen chimneys
  • Suitable for all types of cuisines, including the toughest Indian cuisine
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Today kitchen chimneys have become one of the basic needs of any modern-day kitchen. This is mainly because we are forced to live in small apartments and crammed houses with smaller rooms in expensive cities. Secondly, even in spacious houses most of the households prefer to have a kitchen chimney installed to give a more complete look to the modern kitchens.

So if you are interested in installing a kitchen chimney for your kitchen too, take your time to review as many models as you can. It is recommended that you at least review the top brands we have listed above and select a model that best meets your requirements. Before you select your kitchen chimney, you need to list down all the features you need. 

The space available in your kitchen will determine what type of kitchen chimney to select. You could go for a wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or hanging kitchen chimneys.

However, only when you review all the models in the industry, you will know the options that are before you. As this is going to be an onetime installation, you should invest enough time in doing your homework. It is worth taking that time so that you are not forced to go for a replacement within a short time.

All the brands we have listed above are brands that have proven themselves in the industry for their quality as well as their reliability.

They also have a very good service network across the country. In case you should run into any maintenance issues, you will have good support. This is one of the important factors that you need to consider when you are selecting your kitchen chimney brand. 


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