Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S 7 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 7kg Washing Machine is a great buy when considering washing machines for home use. It is built with the latest technology and its large tub is able to accommodate the needs of a family of four. This washing machine will save your energy bills and also reduce the amount of water you use washing clothes.

It is designed with a unique feature to make your washing easy and also has a waterproof panel that prevents water from leaking out. When you buy this Whirlpool washing machine, you also get a two-year warranty on this product.

7kg Capacity Tub

This 7kg washing machine is built with a deep washbasin of 66L. The tub is so large that it allows your clothes to move around freely to remove dirt. It can wash clothes of a family containing 4-5 member.

Multi Utility Tray

You can use its multi-utility tray to sort out clothes. This tray is designed with a unique vent that allows the water to drain back into the tub.

Super Soak Technology

This feature allows you to remove tough stains that could take long hours of soaking. You would be able to remove stubborn stains within 25 minutes with this Whirlpool’s washing machine super soak technology.

In-Built Memory

The in-built memory of this washing machine takes note of the time when you stopped washing and resumes at the exact time when you turn the power on. This comes in handy when there is an emergency power outage.

In-Built Scrubber

Your clothes will be clean and bright with this washing machine as it has a special scrubber that washes off the dirt on your clothes.

Lint Collector

This Whirlpool washing machine separates the lint when extracting clothes from the washing machine so that you get fresh and clean clothes.

Motor Speed

It comes with a high spin speed of 1450rpm and will dry your clothes within fifteen minutes.

Wash Programs

It has three washing programs to give you clean clothes. You can choose any of the three washing programs.

Waterproof Panel

It makes it more reliable and you don’t have to worry about the panel being damaged by water.

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What Do We like

12 Washing Functions

With 12 washing functions you can wash different types of clothes with different intensity as per  your choice.

Super Cleaning

It is a quality washing machine that cleans clothes just as good as hand washing. It has an express wash function that quickly washes your clothes very clean without affecting it’s washing performance.

Easy to operate

It is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.

What We Don’t Like


The only con for this machine is that its drier is a bit noisy which is common in most washing machines.


When you look at what the Whirlpool 7kg washing machine offers, there is no reason not to buy this product. It is a nice washing machine with superior quality. It will wash your clothes very clean every day. The 7kg tub makes it ideal to serve large families. 

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