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Whirlpool 25 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Whirlpool is a US multinational company that manufactures high-quality home appliances. They are based in Michigan and have been exporting their products throughout the globe. So if you are currently looking to have a nice convection microwave oven that you can use on a daily basis. The foods that are cooked from this microwave oven […]

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Whirlpool 9.5 kg Semi-Automatic ACE XL Washing Machine Review

Coming from Whirlpool, a leading distributor of home appliances in India, the Whirlpool 9.5 kg Semi-Automatic ACE XL 9.5 washing machine is among the most sought after cleaning machines across India. The brand believes in manufacturing Home Appliances using intuitive and advanced technology, giving customers better results with every new product. Features Wash programs This […]

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Whirlpool 6.2 kg Classic 622SD Washing Machine Review

Presently, many people are finding it difficult to locate the appropriate help to assist them in washing and cleaning clothes, making washing machines handy. The Whirlpool 6.2 kg Classic 622SD is a fully-automatic washing machine that comes with many features that make your washing experience hassle-free and satisfactory. The Whirlpool brand is respected in India […]

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Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Bloomwash Pro H Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 7.5 kg Bloomwash is a fully automated washing machine from the Whirlpool brand. This machine comes with many smart features such as smart sensors that detect detergent requirements automatically and various wash programs that make the washing experience easy and hassle-free. It also comes with other unique features such as soaking time and […]

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Whirlpool 12 kg 360° Ultimate Care Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 12 kg 360° Ultimate Care 12.0 Washing Machine is from the Whirlpool brand, a well-known and reputable brand across India. It comes with several unique features that make your washing hassle-free, easy, and enjoyable. This washing machine comes with various technologies that ensure the users’ safety, making it one of the most sought […]

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Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Classic 652 SD Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 6.5 kg Classic 652 SD is a fully-automatic washing machine from the renowned Whirlpool brand, India. It comes with various features and technologies that make it stand out from its competitors in the same price range. This washing machine has a capacity of 6.5kg, making it ideal for medium-sized families. Coming from one […]

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Whirlpool 14 Place Settings Dishwasher Review

Whirlpool manufactures quality products and does not compromise in any aspect. With over 100 years of global expertise and versatility of the company, they have earned customer’s trust. The whirlpool power clean dishwasher is a suitable option. The 14 place settings of the dishwasher, makes it ideal for a family of 6 members. The pre-set […]

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Whirlpool 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Magicool 3S Review

Whirlpool is a renowned brand in India. It has a reputation for exceptional quality electrical appliances. To further add to their top-notch electronics range, whirlpool has brought in impressive split Air Conditioners. The Whirlpool Magicool Inverter split AC is one of those devices that will woe you with its great features. Features Specifications         The Whirlpool […]

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Whirlpool 20 L Convection Microwave Oven Magicook 20BC Review

The Whirlpool Magicook Convection Microwave Oven is powered by a superior and innovative technology. You can depend on it for fulfilling your grilling, baking, and cooking requirements. The oven is considered to be smarter than air fryers as it allows you to cook 50 % faster while retaining 45% moisture than a conventional air fryer. […]

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Whirlpool 23 L Convection Microwave Oven Magicook Flora Review

The Whirlpool Magibook Flora is an innovative convection microwave oven that is smarter than an air fryer. It uses zero oil to assure healthy and tasty food for a family of 3 to 4 members. The intelligent and easy-to-use microwave oven comes with a pre-programmed auto cook and magic menus that ensure quick and exotic […]

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