Samsung WA70M4010HL/TL 7 kg Washing Machine

Samsung is a famous and reputable brand, well-known for its quality, innovative, efficient, and cost-friendly home appliances, including washing machines. The WA70M4010HL/TL 7 kg is a fully automated washing machine from the Samsung brand, and it comes with several innovative features that ensure better wash performance. The unique wobble technology offers gentle fabric care providing a superb wash.


Diamond Drum

This washing machine comes with a beautifully designed diamond drum with diamond-shaped smooth ridges that ensure gentle washing for your clothes. It also comes with tiny exit holes for expelling the water, which minimizes the likelihood of your clothes getting trapped or damaged.

Magic Dispenser

The magic dispenser in this washing machine allows users to carry on with their washing without worrying about the accumulation of residual detergent; this creates a high water vortex which sees to the even detergent dispersion before the washing cycle gets into motion.

Magic Filter

This washing machine comes with the Magic Filter feature that gathers particles, fluff and lint collected from dirty fabrics very effectively, ensuring that the users’ laundry remains cleaner and brighter. Additionally, it protects the drainage from clogging up.

Water Fall

This washing machine comes with the unique Water Fall feature that facilitates better rinsing and cleanliness. Its concentrated, powerful water spray sees to even detergent distribution, ensuring thorough washing results.

Wobble Technology

This washing machine comes with the innovative Wobble Technology that offers gentle fabrics care without degrading the washing performance. Wobble pulsators in this washing machine generate a multi-directional, dynamic wash flow that accelerates washing power and prevents tangling.

Toughened Glass Window

The toughened glass window enables users to see the inside of this washing machine. Additionally, it is resistant to scratches, damage, and high pressure, making it durable and helping it to retain its beauty for a long time.


The washing machine comes with three years of manufacturers’ warranty for the washing machine and ten years warranty for the motor; users can always access after-sales services from the many Samsung retail outlets across India if the machine becomes dysfunctional within the stipulated time after purchase.

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What Do We like

Child Lock Feature

The washing machine comes with the child lock feature that ensures that children/unauthorized persons don’t tamper with the program settings, which could interfere with the wash results or cycle.

In-built Sink

The in-built sink in this washing machine provides a convenient space for pre-treating heavily soiled fabrics or hand-washing delicate clothes.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed so far


Samsung brand has several retail outlets across India, making it easy for clients to purchase the washing machines or access after-sales-services concerning the same. This particular model is ideal for professionals who have little or no time to do their laundry or small-medium sized families needing thorough washing experience.

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