IFB Serena WX 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Review

The IFB Serena WX 7 kg washing machine is a fully automated front loading washing machine and comes from the trusted brand, IFB. It comes with plentiful features that make it possible for users to enjoy an easy and hassle-free experience whenever they are washing their clothes.

This IFB washing machine comes with certain features such as float ball valves that expel water out while retaining the detergent inside, preventing wastage, and enhancing your wash.

Aqua Energie

The water in this washing machine is energized by the aqua energie technology; this filter treatment ensures the dissolvent of detergent effectively, giving your clothes a cleaner and softer wash.

Cradle Wash

This washing machine comes with the cradle wash feature that allows you to wash your most fragile clothes without worrying about them getting damaged; the delicate clothes include chiffons, satins, laces, and silks.


The washing machine comes with 1000 RPM that ensures quicker washing and drying of clothes, enabling you to save on energy costs.

Wash Programs

The washing machine comes with 14 wash programs makes it possible for users to wash the following fabrics/ clothes comfortably, offering an all-rounded washing experience for users:


Mixed/mixed soiled fabrics

BabywearSports wear

Duvets/ Curtains/ Bulky fabrics/ Bedding





3D Washing Systems

This washing machine comes with dynamic washing systems for the users’ laundry, soaking their clothes thoroughly, which facilitates and ensures excellent washes.

Express wash

The washing machine comes with particularly designed programs for lightly soiled and smaller loads, making it perfect for the users’ gym clothes!

Foam-Control Systems

This washing machine comes with foam control systems that prevent excess foam formation, saving you on energy costs.

Baby Care

The washing machine provided specialized care for delicate baby clothes, ensuring they come out fresh, sterile, and soft.

Crescent Moon Grooves

This washing machine comes with the crescent moon indentations on the drums’ surface, creating gentle water cushions that prevent your fabrics from getting damaged.

Ball Valve Technologies

The washing machine comes with a float ball with a valve that expels water out but retains the detergent inside; this prevents detergent wastage and makes your wash better.

Air Bubble Washing Feature

The air bubble washing feature allows millions of bubbles to get deep into the fabrics being washed and force stubborn dirt and stains out, giving your clothes a real treat!


Washing machines from IFB are durable, yet they come with four years comprehensive warranty and ten years warranty for the spare parts; users can always access customer support services from the IFB brand in case the machine becomes faulty within the stipulated period after purchase.

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What Do We like

Low/High Voltage Protection

This washing machine continuously monitors voltage fluctuations; in case the voltage goes below or above safe levels, the machine pauses and automatically resumes when it stabilizes, protecting it from damage.

Time delay Feature

This washing machine can delay the wash cycle as preferred by users from half an hour to twenty-four hours later, making it very convenient.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level

The washing machines produce audible noise while it is in use; users who would prefer some quiet or who want to watch their movies or read a book may find this irritating.


The washing machine offers users the capacity and versatility required to achieve an effective and satisfactory wash, regardless of the fabric type or dirt/stains in the clothes. Other must-have features in washing machines in this particular model include automatic imbalance systems and child lock, making it ideal for home use.

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