LG T8081NEDLK 7 kg Washing Machine Review

The LG T8081NEDLK 7.0 kg is a fully-automatic washing machine from the famous LG brand. The brand is well respected and renowned for its unique, durable, pocket-friendly, efficient, yet highly effective washing machines.

Coming straight from the LG brand, this washing machine is no exception. It has many crucial features in a washing machine that guarantees thorough, sterile, fresh, and bright washes!

Smart Inverter Technology

This washing machine comes with the Smart Inverter Technology that is tasked with adjusting power consumption at the optimal level in consideration of the required energy while in operation. It eradicates wasted operation through effective control of energy use.


The motor in this washing machine is surrounded by the BMC Motor Cover that protects it from invasion by insects, humidity, or dust, ensuring that it is in top working condition, which in turn prolongs its life span.

Turbo drum Feature

The washing machine comes with the Turbodrum feature that rotates water stream in the pulsators and drum in opposite directions, delivering the most powerful and thorough wash.

Auto Restart Feature

The auto-restart feature in this machine enables it to restart operation automatically from where it had stopped in case of power interruptions, even in the users’ absence, ensuring the continuity of the wash cycles, making it convenient.

Punch + 3 Feature

The washing machine comes with the Punch + 3 feature that generates streams of water in vertical directions, which in turn mixes your laundry in up and down motions repeatedly, yielding thorough and equal wash results.

Construction Material & Safety

The construction material in this washing machine is stainless steel both for the inner and outer tubs; stainless steel is resistant to rust, which ensures a prolonged life span. Additionally, the stainless steel doesn’t allow for bacterial growth, ensuring that your laundry is 99.9% free from germs.


The washing machine comes with two years LG warranty for the product and ten years for the motor; users can always access after-sales-services from the many LG retail outlets across India in case the machine becomes dysfunctional within the stipulated time after purchase.

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What Do We like

Smart Diagnosis

This washing machine comes with the Smart Diagnosis feature that detects any problems in it through the SmartThinQ app, saving you the money you would have paid a professional to fix the same for you.

Tub Clean Feature

This washing machine comes with the Tub Clean feature that provides thorough sanitization for both outer and outer tubs, getting rid of unpleasant smell. Additionally, users don’t have to scrub the tubs manually, saving them energy and time.

Child Lock

The washing machine comes with the child lock feature that prevents children from playing with it; this prevents them from messing up with the settings which could disrupt the wash cycle or overall performance of the machine.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed so far


If you are looking for a washing machine that will enable you to enjoy a hassle-free yet thorough wash experience, this is the home appliance you need! Coming with many outstanding features, this machine will do all the dirty laundry work for you!

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