Samsung WA75M4020HP/TL 7.5 kg Washing Machine Review

The Samsung WA75M4020HP/TL 7.5 kg is a fully automatic washing machine from the renowned Samsung brand. This machine comes with many unique features that make it stand out in terms of performance from its competitors in the same price range or capacity.

It comes with an attractively designed glass door that allows users to see the inside as the wash cycle is in progress. Additionally, this washing machine has been designed to be resilient to pressure, scratches, and damage, making it durable.


Toughened Glass Window

This washing machine comes with a toughened glass door that makes it easy for users to see the inside, and the advantage of it is that it’s very durable. It has been designed to resist high pressure, scratches, and damage, maintaining its stylish look for a very long time.

Diamond Drum

The washing machine comes with a distinctive design with diamond-shaped, polished ridges that are gentle on your fabrics. The tiny exit water holes ensure that your fabrics won’t be damaged or trapped.

In-built Sink

This washing machine comes with an in-built sink that offers a lot of conveniences when hand-washing delicate fabrics or pre-treating heavily soiled fabrics. It also comes with water jets that stop by merely pushing a button, saving on water and energy costs.

Magic Dispenser

The magic dispenser in this washing machine allows you to have an easy wash without worrying about residual from detergent. It provides a portent water vortex that dissolves and distributes detergent evenly before the start of the wash cycle.

Magic Filter

The magic filter in this washing machine gathers all particles, fluff, and lint effectively that are collected from the dirty clothes, ensuring that your next laundry load comes out cleaner and brighter, at the same time preventing its drainage from clogging up. It’s also effortless to clean.

Water Fall

This washing machine comes with the Water Fall feature that ensures better rinsing and cleanliness of your clothes, Its concentrated, powerful water spray sees to even detergent distribution, provide a more thorough and brighter wash.

Wash Programs

This washing machine comes with several wash programs that ensure that different types of fabric are cleaned safely without getting discolored or damaged; users can choose their preferred programs for specific fabrics such as chiffon, jeans, uniforms, whites, delicates, etc. These programs include:

Quick wash





Additional Components

Components included in the box are as follows:

User manual

Screw fitting

Hose inlet


Hose drain

Warranty card

Clip ring

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What Do We like

Child Lock

The washing machine comes with the child lock feature that ensures that the wash settings aren’t tampered with by children, which could affect the wash cycle and results.

Compact Design

This washing machine is compact and weighs only 31kg which makes it ideal for use in limited space; users who live in homes with limiting space will find this ideal since it doesn’t take up a lot of space

Eco Tub Cleaning Feature

The washing machine comes with the Eco tub cleaning feature that cleans the tub naturally without any chemical usage; it notifies users the appropriate time for cleaning.

What We Don’t Like


The washing machine comes with a 7,5kg capacity, which may not be ideal for users with large families.


This is a must-have washing machine in your home if you are in search of an easy and convenient wash solution. Other additional features are the high rotation speeds that facilitate quicker cleaning and automatic restart that ensures that it picks up from where it stopped in case of power failure, making it very convenient.

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