Godrej WS Edge 680 CT 6.8kg Washing Machine Review

Godrej is among the most trusted and famous brands in India. The brand has been in existence in India for over a decade, earning trust from Indian clients because of its quality, efficient, durable, yet effective washing machines. The WS Edge 680 CT 6.8kg is a semi-automated washing machine from Godrej that comes loaded with innovative features along with a strong build.


Dry Spin

This washing machine comes with unique vents located in the spinning lid, which aid in sucking air from outside into the spinning tub while the spinning process is ongoing, facilitating more efficient and quicker drying of laundry. It also aids in eliminating mold formation and unpleasant smells.

Child Lock

This washing machine comes with the Child Lock feature that helps you to keep its settings safe. You only need to disable the control panel via this feature, preventing children from tampering with its settings, which can greatly interfere with wash results or the entire wash cycle.


The washing machine comes with a 6.8kg capacity, making it ideal for small-sized families, i.e., 3-4 family members.

Spin Speed

This washing machine comes with high spin speeds of 1200 rpm that facilitate quicker washing and drying of laundry, saving greatly on time, power, and water costs.

Active Soak Feature

The washing machine comes with the Active Soak feature that enables you to soak your clothes before washing for twenty minutes, getting rid of stubborn stains very effectively. During the soak period, dirt is gently loosened from your clothes by the pulsators, making it perfect for heavily soiled fabrics.

Toughened Glass Window

This washing machine comes with a beautifully designed toughened glass window that is shock and scratch-resistant, making it very durable.

Construction Material

Plastic material is used for the body of this washing machine, which keeps corrosion and rust at bay, enhancing durability and ensuring that your machine still looks awesome for several years to come.

Quadra Force Pulsators

The washing machine features Quadra Force Pulsators; this is a powerful combination of rippled scrubbers and four ridged pulsators at the bottom of the pulsators.

The ripples see to the scrubbing out of the dirt on the laundry while the four ridges facilitate improved water motions. This combination ensures a thorough wash for your fabrics.


This washing machine comes with two years manufacturers’ warranty on the product and five years Godrej warranty for the motor; with the many retail outlets across India, users can easily access after-sales-services in case the machine becomes faulty before warranty expiration.

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What Do We like

Micro Filter

This washing machine comes with a Micro Filter. This feature gathers lint, particles, and fluff collected from dirty clothes effectively. This ensures that your clothes come out cleaner, brighter. Additionally, it prevents the drainage from getting clogged up.

LED Illuminator

The washing machine comes with an LED illuminator. This feature makes choosing your preferred wash programs easier. Additionally, it displays each stage during the washing cycle, providing a lot of conveniences.

Wash Tub

This washing machine comes with the washtub feature. This feature allows for thorough sterilization of the inner and outer tubs, ridding it off unpleasant smells. Additionally, it ensures that your laundry comes out 99.9% free from germs.


The washing machine features pulsators that get rid of stubborn stains gently. It dislodges stains and dirt from every corner of the fabrics, removing the dirt gently and perfectly.

Tri-roto Scrub Pads

The washing machine comes with tri-roto scrub pads placed at the drums’ bottom. This washes away stains and dirt further, giving your clothes a clean and fresh look.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level and Vibration

This washing machine produces noisy vibrations while in operation; this may not be ideal for users who like quiet in their homes or for users who would want to read a book or watch a movie.


This Godrej washing machine is available in an array of exciting colors that blend well with your home decor. If you are in search of the perfect washing machine for your small family, this one will do all the laundry work for you perfectly!

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