Godrej WTA Eon 650 CI Washing Machine Review

Thinking of a simple, quick, cost-friendly, yet efficient wash alternative? The WTA Eon 650 CI 6.5kg is a fully automatic washing machine from Godrej that offers the solution to your laundry problems.

It’s compact and sleek design makes it perfect for your home. The pulsators in this washing machine ensure that your laundry goes through rigorous wash cycles without causing any damage. The machine comes with crucial features that facilitate convenient and simple wash experiences for users.


Auto Restart Feature

The Auto-Restart feature in this washing machine enables it to restart automatically from where it had stopped due to power failure even in the users’ absence; this ensures the continuity of the wash cycle to completion, making it very convenient.

Child Lock Feature

This washing machine comes with the Child Lock feature that allows users to keep the machines’ settings safe. Users can disable the control panel using this feature, which prevents children from tampering with the settings, which could result in unsatisfactory wash results or the disruption of the entire wash cycle.

Automatic Balance System

This washing machine comes with the Automatic Balance System that halts the machine if it detects imbalances in the laundry load; this feature then stabilizes the laundry load automatically and resumes the wash cycle, which prevents your clothes from being damaged.

i-Wash Technology

The washing machine comes with smart micro-computer controls that control the machines’ operations precisely, ensuring a thorough and perfect wash. Washing, spin, and rinsing take effect via one command on the machines’ control panel.

Smart Diagnosis

The Smart Diagnosis feature in this washing machine detects the machines’ errors, saving you time and money that you would have used to pay a technician to fix the same for you, making it very convenient.

Auto Shut Off Feature

This washing machine comes with the Auto Shut Off feature that switches it off automatically once the wash cycle is completed, helping you to save on electricity and water. This is an effective power-saving feature since it doesn’t keep running on electricity if you aren’t there to switch it off manually.


The washing machine comes with two years manufacturers’ warranty on the product and ten years on the motor. Users can always access after-sales-services from the many Godrej retail outlets across India in case the machine or the motor becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period after purchase.

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What Do We like

Toughened Glass Window

This washing machine comes with a toughened and stylish glass window that allows users to see its inside while the wash cycle is ongoing. Additionally, this glass is resistant to breakage and scratches, helping it to maintain its beauty for a long time.

Dry Tap Protector

The dry tap protector feature enables the machine to hibernate if there isn’t any water flow when the filling process is in progress. In case the water levels don’t increase in approximately fifteen minutes, the machine sends a signal by flickering LEDs and sounding beeps, alerting the users. This feature protects the inlet valve from slow burnout.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level

This washing machine produces an audible sound when in operation; users who are keen on watching television, reading, or would prefer some quiet could find this irritating.


Coming from one of the most trusted brands in India, users can be assured of absolute efficiency, saying hello to brighter, fresher, and sanitized clothes!

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