Durafit Strong Motorized Foldable Treadmill Review

In today’s date, it is vital to be in shape. Whether you have bulges in some parts of the body or you are almost in shape but need to maintain your physique, all you need is to make sure that you are exercising every day.

Undoubtedly, no matter whatever you do, running and jogging is a must in every day’s routine. This means, while you can do the other exercises at the convenience of your home, you still have to get ready to go for jogging. Isn’t it painful or bothering? Well, mostly yes.

For those who want to improve their exercise regime, buying a treadmill with all the possible features required to stay fit is a necessity. Moreover, since staying within the budget is a need, the Durafit 001 Strong Motorized Foldable Treadmill can be a valuable inclusion in your home.

Durafit is a known brand in the treadmill family, and the all-new 001 strong treadmills have been a great addition in the stock. Users who are searching for a treadmill that has all the features required by the runners or trainees, this treadmill is the ultimate fit for them.

With a powerful 2.0 CHP motor that elevates to 4.0 during the peak time, this treadmill never fails to suffice your fitness needs. It’s able to handle the extreme conditions is what makes it different from the crowd.

Within a budget of INR 30000, you can now avail this amazing treadmill that has an amazing speed limit, unbelievable max user weight capacity, auto inclines and a perfect deck area that ensures comfortable running. With all of these great features, the treadmill is already facing a high demand in the market. So if you are willing to buy a good treadmill within INR 30000, you need to have a look at its many features.

So, let us have a look at its great features.

Product Features

2.0 HP Motor:

There is no doubt that the motor is the vital part of a treadmill and which is why users generally look for a robust motor. This new treadmill comes with a 2.0CHP motor that can run to a peak level of 4.0CHP. This makes sure that the machine has the extreme ability to take the intense workout and the top speed. Due to the presence of copper-mesh technology, this machine can perform amazingly without making any noise.

50 x 18 Inches of Running Surface:

Since treadmills are built for different users, the running surface is built in a manner that people can easily accommodate. Running comfortably is a need and this is the reason why treadmills are designed with a surface of 50 x 18 inches. Hence irrespective of your height, the treadmill can easily take your strides due to such a great running surface.

3 levels of manual incline:

Our bodies get accustomed very easily and hence even when you gradually increase the speed, it will tend to reach its limit. In such a situation when you seek for intense exercise, treadmills with inclinations tend to be a better choice. If you wish to change to a little intense work out you can use the incline mode.

1 – 14 km/h speed:

Speed is one of the necessary aspects of any treadmill. Keeping the users need in mind, the treadmill has been integrated with a speed level of 1 to 14kmph. With such excellent speed variation, one can easily change their speed to different levels and train their body for more challenges.

120kgs of max user weight:

With an amazing capability to take a weight of 120kgs, this treadmill tends to become a great inclusion in our lives. With such a great weight capacity, this treadmill becomes a great inclusion in your family.

Even when it’s a sturdy machine, it is still recommended by the manufacturers to keep 25kgs as a buffer while running. This will clear the chances of any types of damage in the machine.

LCD Display:

The treadmill is integrated with a powerful wide display that helps to find the time, calories, pulse rate, preset modes, speed and much more. With such a great display, this treadmill tends to become a great inclusion as users can be able to find the information while working out.

24 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has been made a little more than the usual ones. With 24 preset programs, users get a wide variety of modes to practice. The only reason behind offering the preset modes is to offer a new challenge to your body and accomplish your goals much faster.  

Target Modes:

The Durafit 001 strong treadmill also comes with additional target modes. Here you can set your targets and continue chasing them until you accomplish it. You can set the distance and speed as per your needs and then keep exercising until you reach your target.

1.8mm Thick Running Belt:

With a thick running belt installed in the machine, the treadmill tends to become a great inclusion. The 1.8mm thick belt ensures no wear and tear no matter how much you run on the top speed or at variable incline levels. It ensures the longevity of the running belt.

Gel Cushioning for Shock Absorption:

The synthetic gel cushioning of this treadmill makes sure that it reduces the shock to a much greater extent. You can run on the top speed, yet the machine will easily be able to absorb the shock and keep it easy for your feet or joints.


The treadmill is designed in a way that it gets the ability to suffice the needs of the owners. With great loudspeakers and have the compatibility to connect any device. Therefore, while working out, now you can also listen to your favorite music. This will improve your performance to a greater extent and keeps you motivated throughout.

A Brief Look On The Product Features:

Motor 2.0HP and 4.0CHP (Peak Output)
Running Surface50 x 18 inches
Incline16 Auto Incline Levels
DisplayWide LCD
Max User Weight120kgs
Preset programs48 with 24 without and 24

With incline

Speed1 – 14kmph
Folding Yes
Emergency StopYes
Heart Rate SensorsYes
Shock AbsorptionYes with gel cushioning

What We Like

  • Easy to Assemble: There is no doubt that this machine is very easy to assemble. Even when it is one of the amazing treadmills we have seen at this price range and with such great features, this treadmill takes hardly an hour to assemble. It is undoubtedly an excellent product for investment.
  • Noiseless Motor: With a great motor we are not able to speed up with ease, but another amazing thing and an astonishing fact is that the treadmill does not make any noise. No matter how much speed you take, the treadmill is surprisingly very quiet.
  • Informative Display: The wide LCD assembled in this machine is wide enough to read the information. Here you can get a view of the calorie count, heart rate, speed, distance covered, preset programs, targets and much more. We are pleased to get such an amazing display with this machine.
  • Able to arrange programs: There is no doubt most of the treadmills available these days come with preset programs set in them. But the unique point about this treadmill is that the programs can be arranged as per your needs like sprinter, marathon, old people, runner, walker and much more. Therefore you can choose as per your needs, and the treadmill will perform accordingly.
  • Great Built Quality: When a treadmill is integrated with so many features, there is no doubt that the quality will be robust enough to take the weight and strides. Its great built quality is what made the treadmill a perfect inclusion for the users. You can stay assured about its quality.
  • A smooth shutdown of the machine: The machine does not start or shut suddenly as it provides bad impact on the body. This is the reason why the treadmill has been engineered in a manner that it is able to shut down and start smoothly and quite conveniently.
  • Widest running area: We have previously checked many other treadmills at this price range, but never before we have observed such a wide running surface. This is extremely satisfying to see that the manufacturer actually took care of users’ point of view. It is therefore now easy for anyone to exercise on this treadmill.

What We Don’t Like

  • Calorie Counter Shows Imperfect Numbers: We did not find anything bad about this machine, but only sometimes, this treadmill tend to show improper calorie count numbers. This need to be taken care of otherwise the treadmill is worth the price.


Durafit 001 Strong Motorized Foldable Treadmill is certainly a great choice if you are willing to pay approx INR 30000. With such great features included in this machine that inspires the runners, walker and everyone of every age, this treadmill tends to become a valuable inclusion.

With a sturdy built, great motor, great speed level and auto incline features; you are introducing your body to a whole you level of fitness.

So don’t think, just buy it today and enjoy a great workout at the convenience of your home.


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