Healthgenie 6 in1 Motorized Treadmill 4112M Review

When you are stuck at your home due to weather conditions and regret of not going for running one more day, then you need to look for better alternatives. When it comes to looking for something where you can exercise and run at the same time without having any issues, nothing like a treadmill can be a better alternative. Only when the treadmill is designed with a strong metal frame and has varied features, it can result in fulfilling your fitness requirements.

The new powerful Healthgenie 6in1 Motorized Treadmill 4112M is made for the home-based trainees. Integrated with some of the powerful features, this 2.0 HP motor treadmill is the immensely powerful to aid in running continuously and keep up your fitness routine.

Even when solely made for home use, the powerful motor can run continuously for 60 minutes but requires 45 more minutes to rest and cool down. Moreover, such a motor has a direct impact on the top speed. Hence if you are a runner, this is a machine with a speed of 1 -14 km/h.

With numerous other top-notch features, this motorized home used treadmill available within INR 20000 to INR 35000 can easily fulfill your daily fitness requirements. With top speed, great run time, manual incline, wide running surface, the treadmill can easily adjust users of any height. You can run comfortably run due to such a wide running area.

No more with the Healthgenie 4112M treadmill, no more you need to compromise on your fitness routine. The many powerful features are the main reason for attaining such an unmatched position in the market. So let us have a look at the features of this strong treadmill.

Product Specifications

Your gym will not be your only fitness zone, with the Healthgenie 4112M treadmill that comes with various other fitness solutions, it becomes one equipment for multiple solutions. Now you can run, sit-up, twist your tummy, walk, go for uphill training and much more. Let us find out in details about the features of this treadmill.

5” of Large CD Display:

The treadmill consists of the advanced 5 inches of large LCD Display — the screen aids in tracking the workout details like the distance, calories burnt, time, pulse and speed. With this, you no longer need to stress to have a look at the body activities while you are working out.

1 – 14km/h of Top Speed:

For the pro runners and regular trainees, speed is one of the most significant aspects of training. This treadmill is therefore equipped with a great motor that allows it to run up to a speed of 14 km/h. Hence, you can easily change the speed and train your body muscles accordingly. This is also a great inclusion for the runners.

123.5 x 42 cm of Running Area:

With such a large running surface, you can stay assured of not falling over. As while running, our strides tend to increase, without a proper running surface of the treadmill, it becomes quite hard for the runners to practice. With 48.6 x 16 inches of the running surface, you get enough room to place your feet. This is the size that can easily fit different users of different lengths and sizes.

Space Saving Design:

There is no doubt that the traditional treadmills were known for its durability. The manufacturer of this treadmill guarantees to offer the same durability along with a space saving design. With the folding frame and easy fold features, the treadmill can be easily stored in your room without eating much of the space. All you need is to unfold the treadmill and start your daily workout.

2 Level Manual Incline:

The treadmill keeps in mind regarding the needs of the fitness lovers. Not only top speed of 14km/h is enough to fulfill them. Since they are always looking for variations in their daily routine, the incline is a major factor that comes into play. Keeping in mind about the needs of fitness trainees, the treadmill has been incorporated with two incline levels.

Maximum Weight:

The treadmill has an astonishing 110kg of maximum user weight. Hence it is always suggested to the users to keep 25kgs as a buffer while running only as we tend to put more force on our feet.  With such a commendable max user weight, it easily becomes one machine for different users for your family.

Pulse Monitor:

The amazing pulse monitors have been given in the treadmill. With the pulse grip sensors on the side handlebars, the treadmill helps to keep a watch on the heart rate thereby helping you to keep exercising and attaining your fitness goals.

Miscellaneous Elements:

The treadmill provides massager, resistant tubes, tummy twister, sit-ups and dumbbells with it. This means you can practice different types of exercise every time. Not only running but also with the dumbbells and sit-up you can opt for an intense workout. The treadmill becomes a great inclusion for people who want a great physique and a toned body.

Brief Look on the Product Specifications:

Motor2 HP
Max User Weight110 Kgs
Speed Range1-14km/h
Preset Programs12
LCD5 Inches
DisplaySpeed, Time, Calories, Distance and Heart Rate
Warranty1year for Motor, three years for frame and one years for the other treadmill parts
Incline Two incline levels
Heart Rate MonitorYes, on hand rails
Running Area123.5 x 42 cm

What Do We Like

  • Great For Family: This treadmill can be a great choice for family because of the weight variation and the runtime offered by it. It has the features that can fulfill the needs of the family. Moreover, such a compact size and comes with a durable stamp is another basic thing that makes it great for a family.
  • User-Friendly: The treadmill is designed in the simplest form which makes it accessible for anyone. Whether it is about the seniors or the juniors in the house, the simple user-interface is enough to make you understand the features of this treadmill. You don’t have to wait to make you understand how the treadmill works.
  • Easy Assembly: It does not require expert assembly as the treadmill comes pre-assembled. All you need is to unbox it and make to ready to work.
  • Massager is great:  Even when most of the extra elements provided with the treadmills do not work well, but here we were surprised to observe that the massager that comes in the box is simply superb. It justifies the name massager as it does what it claims.  
  • No Missing Parts: While in some of the treadmills we have observed that the nuts and bolts are missing, this treadmill, on the other hand, is great on it. There are no missing parts and each, and every miscellaneous element works perfectly fine.
  • Sturdy Mainframe: The treadmill is designed with a strong mainframe. This ensures that no matter how fast you run, the treadmill will not go through any wear and tear. It’s a great machine.
  • Great Shock Absorption: The design of this treadmill can absorb the shock to a tremendous extent. This means even when you run at the top speed, the comfortable running surface ensures putting a lesser impact on the knees. This becomes great when it comes to preventing damage in the joints and knees.

What Don’t We Like

  • Belt Width: Even when the manufacturers’ claims to provide with a great belt width, but we felt after using it that it does not fit properly with the taller people. It is good while walking but becomes an issue while fast running.
  • Not Good Speakers: The speakers integrated into the treadmill are not great at all. It is not satisfactory from such a brand and hence is one of the major drawbacks of this treadmill.


With only a few drawbacks, the Healthgenie 6in1 Motorized Treadmill 4112M becomes a great inclusion for your home. With great top speed, max user weight and with some of the advantageous elements coming with the treadmill, it becomes a great investment. Available within a price range of INR 20000 to 35000, this motorized treadmill with all the necessary features is known for its unattainable performance.

So, if you have a budget of 35000 to 45000 and looking for a motorized treadmill for your home, the Healthgenie Treadmill 4112M becomes a great inclusion.


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