Cockatoo CTM 08 Review

Are you thinking about your weight? Do you want to burn those extra calories? Well, running is the best form of exercise for you, but do you feel hesitated to move out and run? If yes, then this is one of the most common issues of the people throughout.

Most people hesitate to go out or sometimes climate does not permit them to go out and run, which is why they tend to skip their fitness routine. But to get great results, you need to boost cardiovascular health by running. Therefore nothing like a high-end treadmill with great features and be eligible to provide you with great results within less time.

Definitely, you will get a whole lot of choices, but the Cockatoo CTM 08 is one of those few treadmills that have most of the amazing features. The treadmill is perfectly designed to burn those extra calories and boost the cardiovascular health. With a compact and foldable design, this motorized treadmill tends to become apt for home-based users. Not only it is stylish and sleek, but also has some of the great specifications that make exercise easier and convenient.

The treadmill specializes in different types of gym and home equipment along with the 1.5HP motor makes the treadmill apt for running and jogging. Easy to store and great functionalities makes this treadmill an apt choice for people. The design has been made in a way that it ensures a hassle-free workout routine each and every day. There are countless features that make it an ideal inclusion and let us check some of them.

Product Specifications

Undoubtedly these days most of the treadmills come with different features, but this treadmill sets itself apart in the crowd by keeping the price highly reasonable while providing the same features. The features make it a high-end machine while its price makes it affordable for people who have a limited budget.

1.5HP motor:

This treadmill is equipped with a great 1.5HP motor that becomes a great inclusion in the fitness training session. This becomes great for trainees who want to run and jog. To make the training session great for a workout, this robust motor is an ideal inclusion. With the only intention to help you accomplish your goals, the treadmill becomes a great addition for your home.

1-10km/h Speed:

The treadmill comes with speed variations of 1-10km/h which is great for runners and joggers. When you get to change your speed in different ways, you give your body the opportunity to provide different speed at different times. Even if you practising to run, you can go for the top speed and keep practising.

Display Console:

With a great display console, you can now easily access the different buttons. You can get the easy keys along with getting to see the speed, distance, calories, fat burned and much more. A great display is an additional inclusion in this treadmill.

90kgs of User Weight:

With 90kgs of max user weight, you can now run without thinking for the second time. But then again it is recommended to keep 25kgs while running in top speed as our body tends to become heavier and give more pressure. Therefore make sure that the user weight 75kgs while running as this will ensure the motor longevity and ensure no wear and tear.


Keeping in mind the need for saving space, this treadmill is designed in a manner that it can be easily stored in one corner. Yes, being able to completely fold the treadmill, you can find that the treadmill takes no space. All you need is to store in some corner or closet or underneath your bed.


This treadmill has been provided with wheels that make it portable. No matter how lightweight the treadmill is, it is always hard to carry a treadmill from one room to another, and this is where the wheels become a great inclusion. Therefore, once you are done, you can easily push it to keep in some corner.

1.4mm Belt Thickness:

The belt is 1.4mm thick which is why there are fewer chances of wear and tear. Irrespective of how much you practice in a day, with such a belt thickness there are much fewer chances of wear and tear.

41 x 14 Inches Running Surface:

There is always a need for lengthy and wider running surface. With 41 x 14 inches of the running surface, this treadmill becomes great for different users. Hence one can run without any tension of falling while running or jogging.

12 Preset Programs:

Treadmills are not only great when it has great speed and robust motor, but also when it has been included with 12 preset programs and changeable modes, it becomes a valuable choice. Hence your treadmill becomes your trainer and provides you with a new challenge every day with the programs.

5 Inches LCD Screen:

With this powerful treadmill comes a huge display. The 5 inch of display of this treadmill becomes highly beneficial to have a look at the various parameters while exercising. You no longer need to pause or stop to visualize as a huge screen will offer a proper display of the numerical.

Lifetime Warranty:

Since the manufacturer is highly confident about this product and its extreme ability, this treadmill tends to become a valuable choice. With this treadmill, you will get a lifetime frame warranty, two years of the motor and one year of parts warranty. Hence this becomes the safest bet for the users as for any problem; you will always find experts by your side.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Speed0.8 – 10km/h
Running Surface41 x 14 Inches
Display FeaturesDistance, Calories, Fat, Time and Speed
Max User Weight90kgs
Belt Thickness1.4mm
Display5 Inches of LCD Display
Preset Programs 12 with changeable modes
PortableYes with wheels integrated
Expert InstallationNo
Shock Reduction FunctionYes
MP3 FeaturesYes
Pulse Rate SensorsYes on the side handrails
Easy ButtonsYes, Start/Stop, Program modes and setup

What Do We Like

  • Robust Machine: We were very surprised to see such a strong product at such an affordable price. If you compare with other low or medium budget treadmills, those machines generally do not feel safe, but the Cockatoo CTM-08 is totally different from the league. It is not only affordable but also strong. You can genuinely run and jog on this treadmill.
  • Great motor: There is no denying that the motor integrated into this treadmill is extremely robust. The 1.5HP motor of this treadmill has the ability to perform similarly good for any type of exercise. Whether it is about the intense exercises or regular ones, this treadmill can be simultaneously adjusted and practised as per the needs.
  • Ideal display with useful buttons: The treadmill has been integrated with 5 inches of an LCD display. Not only it is great for visualizing the calories burnt, distance covered, fat burnt, and heart rate but also the treadmill has been equipped with useful buttons. This makes it easy for users to change the speed or modes while exercising.
  • Easy to Assemble: Even when the treadmill has some of the amazing features, the amazing thing is it does not require calling an expert for installing. For most of the parts in this treadmill comes assembled, no longer you require additional maintenance by an expert. All you need is to unbox and just assemble the parts which can be easy with the manual and get ready for a great training session.
  • Extremely compact: The treadmill has been designed in a way that it becomes ideal for home use. The machine is extremely compact and hence once can buy without thinking much about the space. Not only while practising you will find that the treadmill takes minimal space but also while you store it, you will find that this machine hardly takes any additional space for storage.
  • Worthy Product: With some of the amazing features that one can expect while buying a high-end treadmill that comes with a huge price tag. We found this machine is truly worthy not only because of its low-budget, but also due to so many great features at this price. The product is totally worth the price and investment.

What We Don’t Like

  • The surface could have been wider: We liked everything about this treadmill except the deck size. We expected a bit wider deck in order to make the trainees feel secure. Since it’s not that wide, some people might feel sceptical before using.


Well, we have observed many other treadmills at this price range, but the Cockatoo CTM 08 Motorized Treadmill is a great investment. The features, the sturdy framework, the strong motor and the great speed range is truly worth the price.

If you are looking to lose your weight or something more than this like improving your physique, then you can blindly place your bet on this machine.


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