Signs Your Treadmill Needs Lubrication

If you want to enjoy optimal treadmill workout experiences, you should avoid excessive workload and reduce the engine’s wearing. The regular lubrication of your treadmill belt ensures the efficient functioning of your treadmill.

Lubricating a treadmill makes up an essential part of treadmill maintenance. Keeping your treadmill’s dashboard perfectly lubricated helps in reducing friction between the belt and the dashboard. This avoids heating of the engine and extends its life.

While you are aware of the need for lubricating your treadmill, you may be still looking for the answers to when and how often to do so. Well, lubricating your treadmill is quite easy, and you can easily finish the task in approx 15-20 minutes.

Indications Your Treadmill Needs Lubrication

When Your Treadmill Belt Starts Sticking

When you experience that your treadmill belt starts slipping, it indicates that the treadmill needs lubrication. The treadmill belt runs over a series of rollers, and the friction between the belt and rollers should be reduced for ensuring smooth belt movement.

When your treadmill belt gets sluggish or starts sticking frequently, it increases the load on the treadmill’s motor. You can easily fix this issue by lubricating your treadmill.

When Your Treadmill Makes a Loud Noise

Maintaining your treadmill is very important if you want it to last long. If you feel that your treadmill starts making a loud noise, it indicates that your treadmill motor is under stress and needs lubrication. It is an alarming sign because if you avoid lubricating your treadmill, it may lead to an expensive repair shortly.

With regular lubrication, you can keep treadmill noise down and enjoy your treadmill’s quieter and comfortable operation.

After a Training Session

It would be best if you lubricated your treadmill regularly, at least once a month. It is recommended to lubricate your treadmill after a training session.

Your treadmill belt must stay in a rest position for at least 12 hours after lubrication. This will allow the lubricant to settle perfectly on the board. If you start training after lubricating the tape, then it would cause the oil to come out from the sides.

Before Starting Workouts on a Brand New Treadmill

While you would get tempted to begin your treadmill workouts on your new treadmill, you must ensure that it is well lubricated.

It is because the new treadmill may spend a few months in a warehouse before you purchase it. During this time, its lubrication may break down and get sticky. It may reduce the smooth performance of your treadmill.

Thus, you should check for the proper lubrication before stepping on your new treadmill.

Depending on the Frequency of Usage

It also depends on the frequency of usage. If your treadmill is subjected to frequent workout sessions, it would generate more friction and require more lubrication.

You can consider various other factors also for determining the frequency of your lubrication. These factors may include the users’ weight, number of users, type of treadmill workouts, the room temperature where the treadmill is installed, etc.

With a heavy-duty workload given to a treadmill, you need to lubricate it more often so that it can endure long and tough workout sessions. Also, the temperature rise tends to dry out the lubricant, so you must also consider this factor before lubrication.

Choice of Lubricant

There are two types of lubricants, including Teflon and liquid silicone. The commonly used lubricant for lubricating the treadmills is the silicone lubricant.

It works as a great lubricant due to its high viscosity and non-reactive properties. It is also used for lubricating various other machines. You may also refer to your user’s manual to recommend the best quality lubricant for your machine.

Choose the lubricant that comes in spray form as it provides enhanced convenience in applying.


Lubricating your treadmill is necessary for ensuring its optimal performance. Your treadmill gives signs when it requires lubrication. You should identify these signals and take prompt action for avoiding poor treadmill experiences.

You can also consider various other factors like the workload, temperature, age of your treadmill, etc., for determining the frequency of lubrication.

Also, you should check if your machine is well lubricated by inserting your hand between the belt and the board. If your hands or finger shine, it indicates that your treadmill is well lubricated.


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