Powermax Fitness TDM 98 Review

Here we provide a detailed review of the Powermax Fitness TDM 98 Motorized Treadmill. It serves to be the ideal home gym training equipment.

Running is known to be one of the common and most valuable exercise forms since ages. Whether you consult a doctor or a fitness trainer, they will be asking you to go for walking or running every day. However, even when some people have a full maintained ground in front of their house, they restrain themselves from going out for running due to climatic issues. The only way to continue exercising is including a treadmill in your daily routine.

With the new Powermax Fitness TDM-98, now you can easily exercise regularly. This motorized treadmill has the power to offer a great solution. Without going to the gym and just by staying at your home, you can now accomplish your fitness goals.

With a 1.5 CHP motor, users can now stay assured that without stopping even for once, they can acquire their goals. With the many other unique features of this treadmill, now the trainees can easily get the desired physique.

During the times of weather issues, when you thought of skipping and ended up in running your daily fitness regime, with this Powermax Fitness TDM-98, you can easily acquire your goals. Moreover, with its space-saving designs, it makes an excellent inclusion for both your home and office. Even when it can be stored in a limited space, you do not have to compromise with the size of the treadmill. All you need is to challenge yourself every day and observe you being fit and healthy with time and passing day.

As you have heard that this treadmill has been incorporated with a range of features, let us have a look at those beneficial features that has increased the demand for this treadmill.

Product Specifications

With some of the most effective features, this Powermax Fitness TDM-98 has become a favorite among the users. You can yourself feel the difference in your health once you start exercising daily. So let check the features in details

12 Preloaded Programs:

With the 12 preset programs loaded in the treadmill, this amazing high-end treadmill can make sure that you enjoy a great time while exercising. With the programs already being set, you are provided with new challenges. The more you accomplish one after other challenges, the less time you need to get the desired outcome. The programs are highly specific and effective to the trainers.

5.5” of LED Display:

With the huge 5.5” of LED display present in the treadmill, it becomes easy for the users to check the distance, time, pulse, calories and incline levels. Getting a clear view of everything you are doing becomes a great inspiration for the trainees.

Heart Rate Sensors:

The treadmill comes with a grip pulse sensor which enables the user to monitor the heart rate. When you place the palm on the handle while gripping the treadmill, you can get a clear view of the heart rate. This aids in knowing the health of the targeted zone.

MP3 Connection with Built-In Speakers:

The treadmill has been equipped with great built-in speakers. This means while exercising, you can switch the speakers on and exercise while listening to your favorite music. With the AUX input, you can easily connect with your MP3 player and an iPhone.

Max User Weight:

With 90kgs of max user capacity of the treadmill, it has become a versatile one for your family. Even when 90kgs is the max weight, it is recommended by the manufacturer to keep 25Kgs as a buffer while running. Hence, you can run on this machine if you weight less than 65Kgs. This will make sure of no wear and tear of the treadmill.

USB Connection:

Now you can also connect it with your pen drive where you have all your favorite songs while exercising. With the USB connection, now you can easily connect with your devices.

Anti Skid Running Board:

The 1.8mm polyester satin and multi-layered running belt ensure reducing the chances of slipping and reduces shock. Integration of the PVC surface makes sure that the running surface is skid proof, have resilience function and a better surface for running. With this, you can now run with comfort and stay assured of the durability.

Shock Absorption:

The treadmill is engineered to ensure safety and comfort. With the “6-Ply running board damping system”, the treadmill acquires the bouncy feel which again becomes a great inclusion when it comes to intense running sessions. This will make sure of no impact on your knees and joints.

Low Running Surface:

This treadmill has been designed with a very low running deck. The only reason is that it provides a sense of security and being safe by staying close to the ground.

Foldable Designs with a Manual Lock:

The treadmill is great for limited space because of its foldable design. It can easily fit anywhere and can be easily stored in any corner of the room. Moreover, you can also keep this on the shelf in case of limited space. The manual lock ensures proper lock of it.

43.3 x 15.75 Inches of Running Surface:

Designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of variable users. With such a vast running deck surface, now the trainees can quickly run with comfort. A spacious running surface is what they primary look for, while running.

Auto Stop:

To make sure that the users stay safe and secure, the treadmill comes with an auto stop functionality. Here all you need is to attach your cloth, and as soon as the treadmill feels any push or pull or any other abnormalities, the treadmill will immediately stop. This reduces the chances of damage to a huge extent.


The machine has been integrated with steel crowned, precision machined rollers along with great balancing that ensures the smooth movement of the belt. While running on the deck, you can observe the smooth continuous movement which is due to such great rollers.  

Let’s have a look at the product features in brief:

WarrantyLifetime frame warranty, three years of motor and one year of labor and other parts warranty
Motor1.5 CHP
Display5.5” of LED Display
Console FunctionTime, distance, speed, calories burnt and pulse
Max User Capacity90kgs
Preset Programs12 preset programs with three target based modes
Speed Range1.0 to 10km/h
Heart Rate SensorsYes on the handrails
ConnectivityYes, AUX/USB
Running Surface 43.3 x 15.75 inches
Wheels Yes
Shock AbsorptionCast Steel resistance
Manual lock while foldingYes
FoldableYes, 90 degree
Auto StopYes

What Do We Like

  • Easy to Assemble: The treadmill does not require any expert assistance for assembling. Since most of the part of the treadmill has been offered pre-assembled, the leftover portions while unpacking was quite easy to understand, it only takes to follow the instructions, and you can get a treadmill ready at your service.
  • Great for exercising at home: As claimed that it is great for home use, it is a good product. If you exercise regularly, you can find your body feels much tighter as your muscles start exercising.  If you have a family who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this treadmill welcomes them to practice.
  • Great Speaker Quality: Unlike most of the speakers that come with speakers do not have great quality, while this one has. We were quite amazed to find such a speaker quality and most surprisingly while running the speaker does not tend to tremble or go down in quality.
  • Easily Transported: It is very easy to transport from one room to another because of the presence of wheels. Hence, no need for any dedicated space or room. Easily transported and folding option makes it a great inclusion for the users.
  • Strong Built: We could easily feel the sturdy built as soon as we hop on to the machine. It feels solid even while running. This is a great choice for the people who weigh around 60 to 65kgs.

What We Don’t Like

  • Wider running deck: Even when it might feel okay while running or walking for most, but for taller people, it might become an issue. At this price point, everything is great about this treadmill, but a slightly wider running surface could have been better for the different types of users.
  • Not apt for intense exercising: If you are dreaming of going for an intense workout at high speed running, then it is probably not a great choice for you. This is a great product for home use especially for the beginners whose prime intention is to burn fat or lose weight.


The Powermax Fitness TDM-98 is a great product to be included in your home if you want to lose weight or burn fat. With a great quality motor, the top-notch cushioning effect now the trainees can continue exercising without the fear of hurting their joints. Moreover, some of the other amazing features including the connectivity and speakers are a great inclusion at its reasonable price point.

If you are looking for a motorized treadmill within INR 25000, then this can be a great purchase for you.


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