LEEWAY National Bodyline Motorized Treadmill Review

In this fast-growing world, you don’t get the time to take care of health; neither you get the time to go to gyms nor can you just rely upon medicines. LEEWAY National Bodyline introduces you with NB-07VB Motorized Treadmill as a gym workout equipment at home or office.

It is a jogging machine, cardiovascular equipment which helps you maintain body fitness or burn carbs at home itself with a magnificent variety of colors that will help you out to pick one according to the interior of your house.

The 1.75 HP continuous DC Motor provides you a smooth ride, and the multi polyester satin weave run belt with PVC non-slip surface provides you proper friction to ride in.


The 3 level manual inclination helps you to build more muscles and steeper the incline will be, more benefits one will get.

Music system

The treadmill is equipped with AUX input/USB connection to listen to the music while exercising, which in turn keeps you in a good mood.


It is 90% preinstalled, and thus, it doesn’t need any special skill installation. It is provided with an Allen key and spanner for DIY  installation.

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What Do We like

Auto-stop safety function

The treadmill has a built-in auto-stop function. The safety clip that you’ll be attaching on your cloth will auto stop if you fall or drift back dangerously on the treadmill.

Energy Saving Motor

The noise of the machine is maintained up to 68 DB, which will allow you to enjoy the quiet running and won’t disturb the neighbors as well.

LCD Display

This astonishing feature helps to get a review of your internal system with details like heart rate, pulse rate, calories along with the distance you had traveled, speed, and the time.

What We Don’t Like

Weight Capacity

This Treadmill can’t take a load more than 120 kg, this is its maximum capacity.


The mat of the Treadmill gets rough with the pace of time. To use it efficiently for a longer span of time, one needs to wear sports shoes while walking on or using a Treadmill.


A treadmill is made taking the smallest details into consideration, whether it’s about controlling speed, inclination, or to prevent you from falling by taking proper guidance from the health experts. The display helps you to have command over your daily exercise and helps you to maintain your physique. The Treadmill is the best to have as cardiovascular equipment, with multiple colors. The machine is pre-checked before selling into the market, which again gives assurance of safety to the buyer.

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Hari Priya

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