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Powermax Fitness TDM-100S Motorized Treadmill Review

In the world of growing industrialization and fast food, lives have become somewhat cozy when it comes to regular exercise and maintaining proper health. While some people spend enormous amounts on gyms and others on walking and jogging, the all-new “Powermax Fitness TDM-100S (2.0 HP) Motorized Treadmill ” replaces the above problems and thus, now […]

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LEEWAY National Bodyline Motorized Treadmill Review

In this fast-growing world, you don’t get the time to take care of health; neither you get the time to go to gyms nor can you just rely upon medicines. LEEWAY National Bodyline introduces you with NB-07VB Motorized Treadmill as a gym workout equipment at home or office. It is a jogging machine, cardiovascular equipment […]

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Powermax Fitness TDA-150 Motorized Treadmill

While the world is busy with some new words like “depression” , “increasing laziness” , “sleep deprivation” , “discontent” etc. , the modern-day psychologists recommend various physical exercises as well as yoga practices, but the problem that arises is the inability to cope up with the gym timings due to the schedule that follows out […]

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