WELCARE WC2266, 4 Hp Peak DC Motorized Folding Treadmill Review

Welcare – We care. Welcare’s mission is to serve society by providing the right solutions and help people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This Welcare WC2266 Treadmill is a foldable home treadmill. The body is made of pure steel, and that is why it’s sturdy. It won’t take much of a space in your home. Easy to use and can serve you for a long time.

Weight Capacity

This machine is designed for people of 90-100kg of weight. Which is more than most of the ordinary treadmills.

Workout Programs

Welcare WC2266 is designed 12 workout modes in it by certified trainers. These customized modes will help you do exercise in a balanced manner.

Speed Control Buttons

The speed control has its buttons on the handlebar also this time. You can also adjust the speed in the LCD too.

Green Motor

Now, you can train at your preferred speed for as long as you want to. It’s power-efficient, doesn’t get heated. Also totally noise-free.

Soft Drop

Welcare WC2266 is assisted by a piston, which makes the unfolding easier. You don’t need to hold the weight while unfolding, unlike the other treadmills.

Powerful Motor

This treadmill comes with a 2HP (4HP peak) advanced level motor which is very powerful. Everyone knows 2 Horse Power means it’s an absolute beast. It’s performance level is beyond imagination. Welcare thinks about their customers, and they don’t want your treadmill to get all sweaty before you does. So work out as long as you prefer to and longevity won’t be a problem.

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What Do We like

Low Power

The Green Motor of Welcare WC2266 Treadmill is very power efficient. The power consumption of this treadmill is only 1.5 units per hour. So you can use it for long hours and worry less about your electricity bills.

LCD Display

It has a Blue Backlight LCD. You can monitor the speed, time, work-out modes, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. You can adjust the speed also on this display.


You can fold this treadmill and put it on a corner of your house. It takes very little space. And it’s quite easy to fold and unfold after your work out.

Pulse Grip Monitoring

Not only the basic stuff like speed, time, calories burnt, but you can also monitor your heart rate also in this treadmill. It’s an essential tool for exercising efficiently.

You can improve your health and exercise with the help of this data.

What We Don’t Like

Rough Mats

Shoes are a must if you’re running on a treadmill. But in any case, if you aren’t wearing one, at least the treadmill’s mat should be soft enough to be able to run onto it. These treadmill mats are comparatively rough.


For the sake of this treadmill’s maintenance, you have to buy a right stabilizer. The manufacturer suggests 4kva stabilizer for the safety of the motor. Otherwise, problems may occur in the future.


Welcare WC2266 is a modern-day home treadmill with many facilities that take very little space to store. It may have some minor cons, but they can be ignored.

With its power efficiency and motor’s long-lasting capacity, makes this treadmill a complete package.

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Koushik Mondal

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