Powermax Fitness TDA-150 Motorized Treadmill

While the world is busy with some new words like “depression” , “increasing laziness” , “sleep deprivation” , “discontent” etc. , the modern-day psychologists recommend various physical exercises as well as yoga practices, but the problem that arises is the inability to cope up with the gym timings due to the schedule that follows out of the busy office hours. Well, as it is always said, “Modern problems need Modern solutions”, Powermax Fitness is here again with it’s all-new “TDA-150 (2.5 HP), Motorized Treadmill “.

The treadmill can be used anytime and also be placed anywhere, and thus, one can look into his own level of comforts without actually compromising with the place. Using a treadmill can even improve mental health other than it’s a prime motive to burn calories.

Color and Display time

The treadmill is available in classic white and black colors and has a  fabulous 5.5 inch LCD Display -that displays the Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate.

Motor Power and speed

It has a motor power of about 2.5 HP and also has a speed of approximately  1.0 to 18.0 km/h, which is just more than enough for casual runners and joggers.

Weight and Inclination

It can withhold a weight up to a maximum of 120 Kg and has an 18 Level Auto Incline for carrying out intense workout sessions.

Track length

The device has a large running Surface area of about 49.6 x 17.7inches, which can also allow one to carry on with the workout practices that are apart from running and walking.

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What Do We like


The device is provided with wheels for easy transportation from one place to the other. Besides, it is provided with Auto Lubrication in order to make our life easy in regards to its maintenance.

Music System

You can connect  USB and AUX cables, which can be used for listening to music on the  Hi-Fi Speaker embedded on it, thus saving your workout sessions from being boring.

What We Don’t Like


May cater for large space when unfolded and is thus unable to make its’s way in crowded places.


The device is not in the easy reach of everyone and could only be afforded when a person has enough savings, and to solve the problem, the company accepts EMI, which might be a help.


With the free installation and the Lifetime Warranty of the Frame along with 3-Year Motor Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty, the device is best suitable for one to carryout workout sessions wherever and whenever one feels like. The device is exceptionally advisable in areas where long straight paths or roads or even parks are not available within the proximity of an individual and also in areas where the climatic conditions are not suitable to carryout the workout sessions outdoors and doing the same indoors finds the best possible solution.

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Hari Priya

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