Best Incline Trainers

Incline trainers are the best alternatives to treadmills. Here we have provided a detailed guide to the best incline trainers from brands like Powermax Fitness, Cockatoo etc.

With more and more people paying attention to living a fit and healthy life, incline trainers are gaining immense visibility in the market. Undoubtedly treadmills are common among people, but people who are looking for intense sessions, incline trainers prove to be a great inclusion in their house. In the last ten years, these new fitness equipment have faced tremendous demand due to its satisfactory results.

Incline trainers are considered as an alternative of the treadmills, stair steppers and elliptical. It is not limited to walking or running, but with incline trainers one can opt for power walking, burning more calories, high-end cardio training, and muscle toning on the targeted areas.  You can easily hop on to perform all these exercises, and this machine ensures putting a lesser impact on the joints.

The significant advantages of incline trainers are:

  • Targeted muscle toning
  • Joint-friendly exercises
  • Multifunctional features
  • More calories burnt in less time
  • Intense cardiovascular training

Undoubtedly, its steep incline is its prime feature. The surface area gives the freedom to tilt till an angle of 30 to 40%. With such steep incline settings, it offers excellent results to the trainees. Moreover, some of these come with decline features as well.

With the numerous advantages of incline trainers, it has gained much popularity among the fitness world. Even then not everyone is aware of incline trainers. Before talking about its specifications, let us primarily find out the difference between treadmills and incline trainers.

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Difference Between Treadmills and Incline trainers:

Most of the people dwell in confusion while buying. Both has its own family of advantages and drawbacks. Let us check some of them.

From the Price Point of View:

While buying anything, the price tag is the first thing to be observed by people. There is no denial that incline trainers are slightly pricier than the treadmill because of the features available in this equipment. If you have budget restrain check out the treadmill between inr 20,000 to inr 35,000. These treadmills have some good incline options.

Due to the tougher construction and additional features this fitness equipment can satisfy the trainees looking for intense workout sessions. They have everything that you are looking for.

Not only these models are available with 40% incline and with a degree of decline as well, but they can also help to carry our intense workout. Moreover, some features and console design differ a lot as well.

From the inclined point of view:

There is no doubt that the principal difference between the regular treadmills and incline trainers are the variable incline options. These incline trainers give you the freedom to get in an inclination of over 30%, which again opens a lot of training options for you.

When compared to regular treadmills, you can get a maximum incline of 10 to 15%. This restricts your exercise options. With 40% incline, you have a huge room to expand yourself and push your fitness levels. If you are looking for challenges to ensure a fit and healthy living, Incline trainers are the only choice.

From the Space Consideration point of view:

This might not go in favor of the incline trainers. Unlike most of the foldable treadmills that provide the freedom to fold, these incline trainers cannot be folded. Treadmills might become helpful in saving space and therefore eases cleaning; incline trainers do not. The reason because of its huge size and robust framework.

So if you have a larger room with a corner dedicated to incline trainers, these can be an excellent inclusion for healthy living. It might take a little bit more space, but the eventual result is highly satisfactory.

From the Calorie Burning Point of View:

Without any confusion, incline trainers’ beats treadmill easily in this case. These trainers are being designed in a way to burn calories and help you in getting into a proper shape. As per the research made on the trainees, it has been observed that one can burn 5 times more calories just by walking on 40% incline trainers.

Have a look at this chart:

Incline DegreeCalories Burnt
40%    381
30%    321
20%    232
10%    157
0%    87
-6%    63

So it is evident that losing weight becomes much more comfortable with these machines. In fact, since losing weight becomes much more comfortable, most of the contestants use this equipment to shed pounds from their body. For you, if getting back into shape is the top priority, the safest bet will be Incline Trainer.

Moreover, due to its versatility, trainees can also use these machines just like a standard treadmill. So those days when you feel lazy, this can be a good choice.

From the Decline Point of View:

Again incline trainers leads this, as even when a few treadmills offer incline facilities, the degrees aren’t satisfying. However, incline trainers offer up to 6% decline. This becomes a great way to train your body by opting for different workouts.

With both incline and decline facilities, these mimic as uphill and downhill exercising. So go for better incline and decline degrees to give a realistic feel to your body.

Therefore when your prime motto is to burn calories or losing weight quickly, undoubtedly incline trainers are the safest and better options. It provides room for growth and improving your shape over time.

Top specifications of incline trainers:

  • 0 – 30 or 40% Incline to accelerate weight loss training. With 40% incline, you can stay assured of burning more than 5% calories than those of those treadmills. You can target the glutes, quads, and hips and with a proper intense session, you can observe your body back to a decent shape.
  • 0 – 6% Decline adds variation to your daily exercise routine. Opting for uphill running every time makes your body accustomed. This is why downhill exercise provides a realistic feel to your body and proffer better results.
  • 2.5” of Rear Roller integration in these machines becomes an added advantage. Being micro-coated, it ensures lesser friction. The prime reason for this addition is less damage to the system along with ensures making lesser noise while using the belt.
  • 55cm X 152cm belt provides you with the freedom to run, jog and walk. Being an extra long and wide tread belt, it becomes great if you have larger strides. The reason for such track length is to withstand intense workout miles after mile. You can even stretch the strides for better and faster results.
  • Reflex Cushioning installed throughout the track length ensures comfort. Such cushion helps in absorbing the impact and prevent from damaging your hip and back. Moreover, it maintains stability in the workout.  
    One-touch Controls is great for responsive and quick adjust.
  • Since while exercising our concentration stay on proper body movement and entirely on exercise, paying attention to the many buttons become difficult. With the one-touch controls, you can easily adjust while concentrating at the same time.
  • 3 – 4CHP motor ensures intense workout without making any noise. Being integrated with such a massive sized motor, the machine gets the ability to take even the hardest and most-intense workout. It reveals its exceptional performance and ability to work continuously without facing any issues.
  • Advanced additional features like compatible music port to listen to your favorite workout music on headphones, tablet holder makes it all-rounder fitness equipment. No more you need to keep your stuff away or find pockets to hold your iPod, as these new-age machines have taken care of that. With extra features are additional advantages to your investment.
    With the high-end specification of the incline trainers, these have now taken a mandatory space in the house.

The FAQ’s Of Incline Trainers

1. What To Look For While Choosing an Incline Trainer?

Due to its massive demand among the fitness world, these are available in a range of varieties. This might have helped you to choose better equipment, but only when you make the right selection.

With more options since people generally tend to get perplexed and end up wasting their money; here we have come up with some of the vital things that you need to check before click on the “BUY NOW” button.

2. What is the maximum incline of the product?

When you are buying incline trainers, your prime focus is to lose weight. This means only incline degrees can save you from the saddening comments of this brutal world. Make sure the product have maximum degrees ranging from 30 – 40%. When you keep changing the incline degrees, you are indirectly targeting different muscles. Changing resistance level trains and tones your muscles.

3. What is the maximum decline of the incline trainer?

Well, you will not find a decline in the entry-level models. Uphill degrees are available on those but not downhill degrees. However, if you need, you can go for the high-end incline trainers models. Maximum decline degrees available are 6% while other incline trainers are available at 3% for the intermediate trainers.

4. What is the top speed of the product?

Well, you will not find too much of speed variations in the incline trainers. Since the prime purpose of these trainers is not running, therefore the maximum speed of these products is 4MPH.

5. What is the size of the machine?

If you have a dedicated workout room, there is no need to think about the space required. But if you have limited space, you need to make sure that the floor size is enough to install this high-end machine. Well, when compared to treadmills, these trainers do not eat large space. Since most of them have wheels attached, they can be easily positioned from one room to another.

6. What is the design of incline trainers?

There are different types of incline trainers. Some of them look just like those of treadmills, while others consist of two huge sized pedals rather than tracks. These long pedals or treadle designs are great for less intense exercises as your feet do not leave the workout surface. So primarily understand what you actually need before buying and then please your order.

7. What is the length of the track?

Generally, these incline trainers do not have a vast surface length for the workout. When compared to those of treadmills, they have a shorter length. The reason is as the strides tend to shorten with slant along with additional length is not required for running. Even then some incline trainers these days are designed with 60” treadles and 22” width.

8. Does the incline trainer has the workout programs integrated or not?

Most of the incline trainers are integrated with workout programs. This becomes highly beneficial for the people who are just using them. This works as a guide for people and helps them to accomplish their goals.

9. What are the additional features there in the machine?

Similar to a great treadmill, a good incline trainer is being designed in a manner to ensure comforts like cooling fans, touchscreen, iPod facilities, tablet holders, web browsers and bottle holders. You can check different models, and you will observe a different set of additional and advanced features.

Since you are investing in it, you need to be sure whether the product will be able to suffice your fitness needs or not. Checking these few things will ensure in understanding its capability in sufficing your health requirements. While additional features is an added advantage, but others in the list is mandatory.


Incline trainers are way more than just a treadmill. The core agenda of this equipment is not running but beyond that. It is meant for intense exercise and people who are looking for faster results.

With so many variations in its incline and decline, these machines provide realistic experiences to your body. Just like uphill and downhill is the best exercise to gain body strength, incline trainers are the apt choice.

Moreover, you will never damage your joints because of it’s cushioning, So make a proper selection and place your order today. Exercise daily with variable incline and decline degrees and observe the change in your body within a few weeks.


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